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08-08-2015, 08:49
Kristen demos something I want..
Although you can take this to the range,,
You can also practice at home without using ammo.
Unfortunately,, it's a bit pricey..

Anyone use this or something similar??

Link to Kristen demo (https://www.*******.com/watch?v=KGkOZE5lA1g)

Link to SCATT site (http://www.scattusa.com/?gclid=CLriudTNmccCFUGRHwodJAIGrg#!buy-scatt/c194u)

PS: This is not the dentist you are looking for..

08-08-2015, 19:32
Anyone use this or something similar??.

I'm all for low-cost-high-return so here goes poor man's SCATT

1. Laserlyte 9mm trainer
2. iPhone shot timer (free)
3. Laptop/tablet with camera and video recording software (kinda free)
4. White wall in the house (kinda free)
5. Various downloadable silhouette/bullseye, drawn dot w/ sharpie on white paper
6. Masking tape

Set the video recorder to the target. Practice draw/squeeze/first shot etc. etc. Best to evaluate follow through IMHO. The dot will be on for fraction of a second on the target. You will see how stable is your hold at and right after "click" on the replay.
To practice recovery, I position hand at maximum deviation where I lost sight picture. At *beep* I push back, acquire sight, and squeeze.
Practice to perfection and tolerate no slopiness whatsoever during dry fire.

And many more drills only limited by imaginations, creativity, and how well HH6 tolerates your modifying the furniture around this exercise.

I've also used it to train first timers on the M9 at my unit. I put actual E-type silhouette, go back 25m, then wobble my hold like crazy while keeping all the "shots" on target from standing, crouching, prone, kneeling, upside down, sideways, using pinky to pull the trigger, etc. I did that to illustrate to the joes that sight alignment and trigger control are the two main fundamentals....and that bucking is the main reason for missing that HUGE E silhouette. I got plenty first timers scoring at 30 and above. Very well worth it.