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08-07-2015, 19:08
I use the term Load Bearing Equipment to both date myself and for lack of a more correct label.

Have amassed the weapons and magazines. Now I need the nylon that goes with them. So many new things out there. Just wanted to tap into the recent experience with the current equipment and solicit recommendations.

Recommendations of styles and manufactures to use and/or avoid is appreciated.

Slings: precision rifle, battle rifle, patrol carbine, home defense shotgun, AR pistol,

Carrier: harness, vest or carrier? Plates - .308 @ 100m, 5.56 @ 50m, pistol @ 2m?


Velcro or MOLLE?

Mag pouches: Magpuls 20/25 in .308 and 30 in 5.56; Shingles, closed tops, hybrid?

Ranger pulls?

Average operating temperature is 45-55F. Plains to woods to mountains.

Pictures and links are really appreciated.


08-09-2015, 10:09
A couple of sources I think are definitely worth a look at: Mayflower Research and Consulting http://www.mayflower-rc.org/gallery.php?cat=Mayflower%20Kit%20In%20Action and : Velocity Systems http://www.velsyst.com/store/


This equipment is functional and light... developed with the military athlete in mind. Very comfortable and compact. The principals are dedicated and experienced!

Go Devil
08-09-2015, 11:57
I'm not a wealthy man, and tailored the following items to fit my similar needs:

Slick plate carrier offers options for wear under a jacket around the river while carrying concealed. If I choose to carry the AR, I can add the following 5.56 chest rig. If carrying the M1A, I can change over to the 7.62 chest rig.
The plate carrier is well made and is the least expensive, American made product that I have found. It is designed to carry steel rifle plates. No issues with hardware or design.


Least expensive option for ballistic protection. I opted for the additional spall protection and the side plates. I used the side plates for testing the quality of steel.


Least expensive option for quality 5.56 and is well engineered and very well made. Pockets on back side are useful for stowing additional items or dumping spare mags.


Well made 7.62 rig, but didn't like the straps so I ordered straps from Ares Armor (like the ones on the 5.56 rig) and clicked them into this rig and am very happy. Pockets on the back side of this rig as well.


I am happy with the following single point sling, but opinions may vary.


I like the open top style of pouches with bungee retention. The bungees can be slipped to the side easy enough. If the debris field is an issue, I insert the mags with the rounds down. I have added holsters to the rear (in the pockets) in similar positions so as to transfer the handgun. I find no need for "pulls" with open top.
Plenty of room for adding additional pouches (IFAK) if needed utilizing the MOLLE.
All of these items are easily ditchable should I go overboard. The items are very modular, but all feel the same and are not too bulky or "Geartard" at the local range. I tried to keep it as simple as possible and the wife and daughter aren't confused when changing platforms. We have additional plate carriers in the same format.
Hopefully, this is helpful.

08-09-2015, 19:35
Velocity and Mayflower make good kit. I have the Mayflower APC for a work rig and love it. Velocity's scarab is nice as well

Another good company that makes about the best sling you can own as well as some very low profile and good pouches and rig is Blue Force Gear. There RACKminus is nice, and I am eyeing the BELTminus V2 right now. The belt pouches are also awesome. https://blueforcegear.com/

ATS Aegis plate carrier is a nice rig, http://www.atstacticalgear.com/product/ST-93133/ATS-Aegis-Plate-Carrier-V2/

if side armor isn't a requirement and you are just wanting front and back rifle plates Milan is good people, and makes good gear.

For running multiple calibers HSGI TACO's are awesome, though a pain in the tail to install. If you have the time/ ability to change out your gear, owning a dedicated 7.62 chest rig and dedicated 5.56 chest using the swiftclip system is a good option.

Travis Haley has some real nice chest rigs that can hook up to a plate carrier via swift clips also, 1 a dedicated 5.56 and the other a dedicated 7.62 rig. The rigs are expensive, but by the time you buy a good chest rig, and then pouches, the prices are about the same. http://haleystrategic.com/store/equipment.php

I get all my armor (Velocity) through Mike at AT. Mike is good people, he will put you on the right azimuth, even if that azimuth is a loss for him. https://store.appalachiantraining.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1875

As stated above, my work rig is a Mayflower APC with front, back, and side Velocity IIIA backers and front and back Velocity P34 plates. The plates alone are IIIA and will take a couple rounds of 7.62, but add in the backers and they will stop 1 round of 30-06. That armor setup will run you about $1000, but it's a solid setup.

If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, you will probably get more use out of this: http://www.optactical.com/tatafilimav2.html with this: http://www.optactical.com/xharnessmav.html

08-10-2015, 09:40
If you look a Haley Strategic for the chest rigs, look at the flat pack also.

08-10-2015, 10:25
Can't vouch for their use for your needs but I'm sure others here can. If you like the style of the haley D3CR but want something customized you can contact extreme gear labs and discuss it with them. He also makes kits to adapt the haley rig to other carriers. He's a member here but I haven't seen him post much lately. Look up VOCR to see variants of his work.