View Full Version : Connecticut teen builds gun firing drone

07-21-2015, 19:29
My grandmother always said that idle hands were the devil's tools. :D

"Gee Wally, do you think he'll get in trouble for making something like that?" "Very likely Beave, especially in Connecticut." :p


Team Sergeant
07-21-2015, 20:42
yup a ticket straight to prison......:munchin

Even worse, a drone carrying "other things"..........

I see federal laws soon to be enacted.....

07-21-2015, 20:45
Even worse, a drone carrying "other things"..........

Mace, CS or maybe even C-4? :D

At our recent and horrific Interstate 15 Cajon Pass fire, retardant dropping aircraft were delayed going into action because there were several drones flying around. I hope the operators were fined heavily. Those things should be against the law.

Team Sergeant
07-21-2015, 20:47
Five bucks next superbowl sees one hovering overtop.............

07-21-2015, 21:12
Why not? Mexicans are using them to fly dope over the border.

07-22-2015, 00:36
Peter Sachs, an attorney and drone advocate, welcomes the FAA investigation into the armed drone.

“Drones should be used for good, not for evil,” Sachs said.


Look at that evil drone with that evil handgun shooting evil bullets at those poor innocent leaves and dirt.

07-22-2015, 01:49
Meh ... It's already been done.



07-26-2015, 22:27
Police arrest US teen who built gun-firing drone