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06-25-2015, 08:29
Looks like they are finally retiring their Lee-Enfields with the Sako T3, .308 cal, being built by Colt..

Looks like a close copy of Jeff Cooper's Scout Rifle. Pretty good choice..

Kitchener Colt Canada plant to produce Rangers' new rifles
By Albert Delitala, CBC News Posted: Jun 23, 2015 7:06 PM ET

Kitchener's Colt Canada plant will supply the next generation of rifles for the Canadian Rangers.

Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino made the announcement at the plant on Tuesday. An initial $1.5 million contract will have the company supply enough rifles for the Rangers to test over the summer. Their feedback will then be factored into the final design, 6,500 of which will be produced.

"Ask [the Rangers] to tell you what they think because really we should be delivering to them the product they need in the circumstances we asked them to do their job," said Fantino.

The Rangers, who provide sovereignty patrols and help with search and rescue missions in Canada's northern and isolated coastal areas, currently use Lee-Enfield rifles dating back to the First World War. Replacement parts are increasingly hard to come by, a problem the new rifles solve.

The replacement will be bolt action, calibre(sic) .308 Winchester, and magazine-fed.


For those not familiar with the Rangers: http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/canadian-rangers/index.page

06-25-2015, 09:32
A good example of matching the gun to the target and environment, IMO.

The buttstock appears unadjustable, though.

An adjustable trigger weight, la the Savage version, would be handy on this one, too.

These weapons will be used in some pretty harsh environments. Most of the Rangers are native to North Canada. They patrol between their villages and out on their summer hunts above the Arctic circle. They travel via bob-sleds and snowmobiles. Adjustments have be be minimalist because of the cold freezing conditions.

I think it was a fantastic choice.

06-25-2015, 10:32
The stock is butt ugly but it certainly seems like an appropriate tool for the job. Someone must have kept the group-think to a minimum.
Is that a winged rear aperture sight or is it a red dot?

Team Sergeant
06-25-2015, 10:35
I think it was a fantastic choice.

I think just about anything would be a better choice than "Lee-Enfield rifles dating back to the First World War....." (I bet one of those was Richards!)

06-25-2015, 14:23
That is a nice looking T3 based rifle....looks like a heavily modified t3 Battue

I wonder if the Canadian Ranger contract is completed they'll sell a few to the general public.

I reckon they could do pretty well selling a few into the collector's market, but I'd be guessing it would be pretty expensive.

06-25-2015, 17:09
I have a couple of Lee Enfields in my collection. My favorite one is in .308 from Ishapore.