View Full Version : Info From Ton Le Chon, 1970

Retired W4
06-16-2015, 16:59
It's good to be back on line after a long absence. Last week I attended a reunion at Ft. Rucker for the 190th AHC. While flying with them I had the opportunity to support the 5th and posted this story on the forum.
I could not remember who my crew was that day so I asked for anyone in the 190th to help me remember. One fellow responded but his recollections of the mission were quite different from mine, including who the Aircraft Commander was. The mission I described was in fact flown by me. Anyway, he did recall the Captain's name that he remembered and that is Cpt. Valentine. Could there have been this Captain with the 5th SFG at Ton Le Chon early in 1970?

Thank you for any information you can supply on this day.