View Full Version : LASIK is no longer disqualifying for HALO

04-29-2015, 22:45
FYSA. From the USAR Ophtho Consultant. History of LASIK surgery is no longer disqualifying for HALO. Also confirmed with the SWCS SRG.

If you have a choice, though, go with PRK.

Iíve attached the Aeromedical Policy Letter that outlines the documentation necessary. You will need your pre-surgery data in addition to post-surgery. Though MFF isnít really an aviation position, this is the standard they will follow. Note that there is a period of time after the surgery (6 months or more) you have to wait to ensure the vision is stable.

And always wear your eye pro, especially if you've had LASIK.


07-10-2018, 21:15
PRK still preferred? I was just told that LASIK is now accepted (waiver) for all aviation and SF jobs.