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04-23-2015, 14:51
So far one gun shop has gone public with it and this news is making the rounds. having used the discount program in the past and knowing several people that have done it recently, I see no reason for Glock needing the 4473 to validate customer qualification. The shop needs to validate the customer and a form gets filled out.

If Trop messed up that documentation, fine. I just can't see the need for them to see the 4473.

LINK (http://www.tropgun.com/trop-response-to-glock-blue-label-program-termination/)

Trop Response to Glock Blue Label Program Termination

Trop Gun Shop regrets to inform our customers that we will no longer be participating in the Glock Blue Label program. Effective immediately, Glock terminated us from the program for refusing to furnish access to our customers’ private information for the purposes of auditing by Glock employees. While it is regrettable that we will no longer be able to offer the benefits of the Blue Label program here at Trop, we absolutely refuse to compromise the sensitive information of our customers by furnishing it to anyone without proper authority through standard legal practices.

To participate in the Glock Blue Label program a dealer must allow Glock access to audit “qualifying credentials” of its Blue Label customers. Typically these credentials are a form of identification verifying the individual is a member of one of the groups listed in the Blue Label program.

Recently a representative of Glock entered our establishment and demanded access to view our records related to all Blue Label sales, specifically our ATF Form 4473s, which contain very detailed, personal and identifying information of our customers. We refused the Glock representative access to this information.

During repeated correspondence Glock continued to demand access to the 4473s or we would be terminated from the Blue Label program. We attempted to reconcile the situation while maintaining our customers’ privacy and made every effort to comply with reasonable requests to audit the Blue Label sales to maintain the integrity of the program. However, Glock insisted that access to the 4473s and only access to the 4473s would be a sufficient level of compliance.

Our position was, and continues to be, that we will not surrender to Glock our Form 4473s and our customers’ identifying information under any circumstance. It is an untenable breach of our customers’ privacy and Trop Gun Shop will not submit to this unreasonable demand. As a result of our position, Glock immediately terminated our status as an authorized participant of the Blue Label program. Furthermore, Glock advised us that if we ever applied in the future, that request would be denied. While we are displeased that we can no longer support our qualifying customers through the Blue Label program, Trop Gun Shop remains committed to the security and privacy of all of our customers, and continues to offer its Law Enforcement / Military discount to those who qualify.


Trop Gun Shop

04-23-2015, 15:25
I have no more information than you have, but this would not be the first gun shop to sell Blue Label weapons to people that don't qualify according to Glock's standards. I THINK Glock may be trying to see if Trop "sold guns" to qualified buyers then "transferred" those guns to a second person the same day. Again I don't know which party is right or telling the truth, but I wouldn't rely on a press release by one side to form an opinion.

04-23-2015, 15:32
I am interested in hearing glocks side of the story.

04-23-2015, 15:35
I just heard from an FFL that inquired with Glock. Glock's story is that Trop bought some guns at the discount pricing for the Blue Line program and then sold them at retail. They claim it is the second time they have done it.

The Reaper
04-23-2015, 15:43
This stuff will create more and more hassles and will eventually end the program for everyone.


04-28-2015, 21:51
Glocks have a system for their serial numbers, and IIRC there are certain serial number sets that are reserved for their blue label program. Those getting to the general public in large enough numbers means a lack of integrity somewhere.

There's certain criteria for a gun store to be a blue label dealer, and they have to buy from blue label distributors. Gun stores have lost their blue label status before, and it probably doesn't happen as often as it should.

I don't see anything wrong with any business (Glock) wanting proof from someone whose integrity they question. There is a difference in an individual coming by to look at a government form, and demanding a copy of the form for them to retain.

I think a business owner (gun store) should redact all but the minimum required information before sharing a 4473 with Glock, but needs to offer some kind of proof.

If you had an employee/Soldier/NCO who you trusted to have good integrity would you demand to have proof they did their job and investigated something, or would you take their word?

Depends on the person and the job for me... In this case the Glock employees word should be sufficient, they sent him to the store.