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G Wheeler II
04-06-2015, 19:06
Original post by Joker

Saying cr*p like that and you will have a bunch of us over there going through those woods. And that is especially true if your bad ones are like the one posted.

OK Joker I thought I would post part of my junk pile for you to look at, all of these did not make the cut for one reason or another. The ones taped together are test blades broken on purpose to see the grain structure and to see how much abuse they would take before failing, some had to be bent over 90 degrees more than 20 times before they broke.

Some of them are serviceable blades that had a small fault in the steel, or I had a brain fart when grinding them. Some times I get them just about done and find the booboo after the blade has sat for a week waiting for leather. Like the one on top, it would serve a guy for a life time and you would never have a problem. But it has a fault in the Damascus just above the guard and I could never let it leave the shop. I will use it to scrape epoxy off the floor or toss it back into the drawer or on to the burn pile...

I will remove the handle material if I can re use it or just remark the blade as a second and give it to a hunting buddy, with the proviso it is to never be sold. A knife with a flaw out there will do more harm than a 100 good knives.. So if you ever see a knife of mine with deep counter sunk divots on each side of my name it was a give away knife to a buddy...

Remember ""One Aw Sh*t will erase 20 Good Jobs""