View Full Version : German Army acknowledges precision problems for its standard aussault rifle G36

03-31-2015, 03:16
Sadly up until now only german sources available - but I know a lot of you speak that...


So basically german minister of defense Ursula von der Leyen stated, that a recent internal investigation came to the conclusion that the standard assault rife of the german armed forces - the HK G36 - struggles to keep up a good precision when used heavily in a warm/hot climate zone.

This sets an end to a 3-year discussion about that weapon. The MOD further issued an order through COS General Wieker, that the G36 will be used as a timed solution within training and excercise, but there will be a short term replacement/improvement for all theaters involving german forces in former stated conditions such as Afghanistan, Mali or Naval Operations in the Gulf and Africa.

As this comes quite handy for the struggling german weapon manufacturer HK, it seems clear that the new weapon in question will be the HK 416, which is already in use by german sf and got great reviews all around the troops.

Good decision imho.