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03-27-2015, 11:25
Had a chance to test drive one. Many thanks to gemtech who had it on demo G19.
Disclaimer: I received no discount, goodies, freebies whatsoever from the company or the inventor

It's the indian not the arrow, but IMHOO sight design does impact how easy that indian apply fundamentals on demand. There's a reason even though it's called service pistol at Camp Perry, folks put HUGE target sights in place of the Beretta itty bitty issue sights. This one is probably illegal to use in matches that do not allow sights with rear aperture design though

Well, the ODS is pretty much the tall target/suppressor design. An instant plus in my book. The front of the rear is angled to facilitate charging on surface, belt, sole, etc. another plus. The front dot is the only dot, so for fast target acquisition or flash front sight, one won't get confused with other dots in the rear, another plus. Finally, the sight picture does lend to natural perfect alignment based on the brain's bias towards symmetrical formation. I shot it standing, 2 hand with no support and consistently ping the steel silhouette at 100m. Well, my G17 with truglo does the same, but I was impressed when it pings the HALF silhouette at 100m likewise. Tried to push to 200m, but the gemtech rep advised me of the subsonic rounds used. So I'll have to try 200+ with regular ammo next time.

I understand much of the skepticism and sneer online. It's just like when Horus first came out. A busy reticle/sights indeed. Thus, IMHOO this sight would benefit those who push pistol shooting beyond the accepted "norm" with distance, speed, accuracy, ease of use, all the dimensions. Definitely a redundancy/overkill for those who are content shooting fist size groups at 7 yards...

When I get my threaded barrel or the optics-ready Glock/M&P, this will be the sight