View Full Version : New South African bullets

03-19-2015, 06:28
My buddy who re-loads for me told me of a new SA maker of bullets. The product is called Peregrine and it apparently mushrooms on contact to about a half-inch in the .375 H&H. I took a few to the range today to see how they did at targets before I try them at antelope in a few weeks time. The first picture shows the 300 gr Peregrine in .375 H&H, flanked by a 30-06 reload at left and a .375 H&H Federal in 300gr at right.

The second pic shows the first group of six shots at 100yds leaning on a backpack.There is always one that ruins your day, isn't there?
Third pic is the three shot group with the 30-06 Hornady 180gr at 100 yds with the old Tasco scope taken off the .375 and put onto the Tikka 30-06.