View Full Version : Special Forces Snipers Firing Between Heartbeats

Team Sergeant
03-12-2015, 12:26
Only Hollywood Snipers can fire between heartbeats.

We do not take any drugs to enhance shooting performance. These is no such drug.

Only Hollywood Snipers take performance enhancing drugs.

We do control our breathing.

You can find a list of hollywood sniper superpowers in any hollywood movie that uses the term "Black Ops".

That is all.

(Just like we don't discuss explosives, comms, current operations, intel gathering etc we're not going to discuss Special Forces sniping. I've just seen enough of this crap on TV and on the internet to post something.)

TS (Special Forces Sniper)

tom kelly
03-12-2015, 13:11
I believe the 2013 Academic Handbook course number2E-F67/011-ASIW3 does list the prerequisites for the course. However, about the course "Those who say don't know and those who know don't say." tom kelly

03-30-2015, 16:01
Shooting between heart beats, no, shooting while natural respiratory pause, yes. But then, what do I know. :rolleyes: