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03-09-2015, 10:15
Do you have the right muscles??

In today's micro managed age, this article does not surprise me, but I do have concerns and reservations.

Army Researchers Testing Strength to Better Match Soldiers to Jobs, Mar 09, 2015, Tom Roeder

Weights, medicine balls and other common exercise gear are being studied at Fort Carson this month as a way to test future soldiers on their fitness for combat.

It's part of an Army initiative that seeks to open all combat jobs to women by 2016. But the research will set standards for men, too.

"It's about the person next to you and whether they can do the job," Spc. Jessie Kirchner said as he went through drills under the watchful eyes of researchers from the Army's Research Institute for Environmental Medicine last week.

By fall, the Army hopes to have a full report on what strength is required for combat tasks -- a report that can be used to weed out men and women who don't fit the bill before they enlist.

"It's for all individuals who want to join the Army," said Edward Zambraski, who heads the institute's studies on military performance.

The Army has spent two years researching the physical requirements of combat jobs to clear the way for women on the front lines.

Maj. Alison Hamilton said the goal is to create guidelines that are blind to gender.

The study started with analyzing what soldiers do in combat, from hefting 155mm artillery rounds to taking long marches with full equipment.

1st off, I'll discount the he/she argument as I think it will answer it's own dilemma.

After that there are other questions?

1)will we give a PT test pre-contract?
2)will PT scores be used like ASVAB, as part of the job requirements, eg: cooks must have a score above 50 to 100, while SF score 300 or better?
3)will the PT score affect the pay scale, like Jump pay?
4)will the PT score affect marksmanship training, under 100 and you don't get a gun?

Inquirnig minds what to know were this is headed??? :munchin