View Full Version : Scapholunate ligament reconstruction

02-24-2015, 15:27
Pictures and notes of my left scapholunate ligament reconstruction, with complications. The destruction was a result of mountain bike crashes over 20 years. I finished it off shoveling gravel in November 2013. Mis-diagnosed but later confirmed via MRI to be total loss of scapholunate ligamnent. Brunelli procedure (one of 28? variations performed). A tendon was harvested (amputated) from my left forearm. Holes drilled through wrist bone(s). Tendon was sewn (weaved) and secured with 2" long stainless pins (yellow heads protruding). Hard cast for 8 weeks but cast removed and pins pulled at 5 weeks due to pin track infection. Antibiotic protocol and hard recast for 3 weeks. Infection mitigated and physical therapy undertaken. Currently at 13 weeks with full range of motion and 75% grip strength. Curling and benching normal weights but rep limited by pain. Dexterity is off. Anyone with a shared experience, comments welcome.