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02-16-2015, 19:48
I recently acquired a partially complete LCS and am trying to ID it, i'm wondering if any of the members here can point me in the right direction. The system is made by Paraclete and is dated on the releasable armor carrier for 2004. Most of the pouches are made by Paraclete and in Coyote, with the exception of a Tactical Tailor X-harness and a few generic issue pouches in old school desert. It has two armor carriers, one a releasable overt carrier with some MOLLE on the front and cummerbund and the ability to accept hard plates and another that is a low profile carrier that looks to only be able to hold soft armor, similar to a concealment vest.
The LCS bag itself has a patch on the outside sewn on labeled "STAK 126"

It was a pretty interesting find and I've never seen this much Paraclete in one place so was kinda wanting to find out a little about it. Anyone have any idea what I got my hands on?

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02-17-2015, 10:01
The kit includes 3 carrier, a soft armor concealment type, a front and back hard plate carrier with MOLLE and a releasable armor carrier that holds both soft and hard armor.

02-17-2015, 20:06
STAK - Special Tactics Armor Kit. That's a Paraclete RMV 720 from around 2004 and was used/issued to PJ's specifically. Standard hard plate carrier and concealable armor carrier.

I know too much...

02-17-2015, 20:30

Thanks for the info, I just started looking around at some pictures of this carrier. I'm seeing a few that are slick backed like this one, but all that I have seen so far have zippers on the cummerbund to hold the two sides together in the front. This carrier is missing those and it appears the end user sewed on buckles to the front to keep the cummerbund attached in place of the zippers.

The 126 in the "STAK 126", is it related to the production (ie. 126 of 500, etc) or does that number relate to the Airman that it was assigned to in some way? I'm seeing a couple of pictures of the bag and all are labeled "STAK ***" never the same number.

02-19-2015, 17:17
I have no idea what the STAK number refers to. You could always call Paraclete to find out.