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Team Sergeant
01-14-2015, 11:03
Military Fraud Hunting 101

It's not rocket science nor is it hard to do. There are a few things that new military fraud hunters need to know.

1. NEVER let them know you're onto them.

Internet webpages can be created in minutes, they can also be deleted just as fast. Never let a suspected military fraud know you suspect he might by lying. If he suspects you might be onto his lies he will begin to do damage control and start deleting everything. If he tells you a tall tale, smile, say "wow" and after you part ways start your hunt.

2. Gather everything that was said, posted, articles, TV news, newspaper, webpages, social media etc.

If the individual said something to a reporter, friend, employee, girlfriend etc, get hard copy of it. Copy those webpages and by doing so the individual has sealed his or her fate, it's hard to change your story when the evidence has been collected and reviewed.

3. Find the experts that can verify military claims, medals, service and "classified missions".

Conventional military personnel are fairly easy to verify, but it's those darn Special Operations folks that make this fraud hunting difficult. Not really. There's enough military websites now to debunk just about any wild "classified" mission or story. We've listed a few websites (below) that can and will assist you free of charge.

4. Send for their records using a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Everyone's past military record is public knowledge, everyone. Missions are classified, not the men that conduct them. The only records you cannot obtain are active duty personnel and for good reason. Individual military records are not classified, only in hollywood and fiction novels are an individual's military records classified.

In order to obtain them from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) you will need the suspects social security number. While you are waiting for the suspects records continue to do research on the subject, and continue to gather evidence of his military "claims". You can never have too much information. This will also be used to help later if the individual turns out to be a fraud, he will not have a leg to stand on if he takes you to court citing defamation of character.

5. Keep your investigation "close hold".

Which means tell no one. (Unless it's one of the internet fraud hunters) Don't be shy in telling the fraud hunters, we will look into 99.9% of the suspected cases (even if we know the individual is not a fraud). That .01 % are those that tell everyone they were a Navy SEAL/ Green Beret on facebook. 99% of those on social media that make those statements are liars. (But there is that 1% that are not).

Military Fraud Hunter Websites:

(We're sure this list will grow.)

Professionalsoldiers.com Specializes in suspected Green Beret or Special Forces frauds.

VeriSEAL.org Specializes in suspected SEAL frauds.

Thisainthell.us will investigate all suspected military frauds.

These are websites that can be trusted to assist with your military fraud investigation and they will also post your fraud for the world to see.

(They will also leave your name out of the investigation if you so desire.)

Happy Hunting!

Team Sergeant
01-14-2015, 11:10
This Ain't Hell (http://thisainthell.us/blog/?page_id=39605) has already done a step by step on how to obtain anyone's military records. (Thanks Hondo!)

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