View Full Version : G2R RIP pistol ammunition

12-31-2014, 11:30
Has anyone used these? The article showed up in my email, and the video is pretty cool:


I can't use the search function from my phone for some reason, and I didn't see it posted in this section yet.

The Reaper
12-31-2014, 12:59
Garbage, IMHO.


12-31-2014, 18:27
After further inspection via various websites who have tested the rounds, I agree. I could maybe see an application for apartment defense, but when someone can replicate the same ballistic results with .22LR, it's kind of sad. It looks like pepper spray, but for a firearm.


Admins, please feel free to delete this thread. Other than an airplane or a small condo/apt, I see no justification for the claims made by the designers, or the expense of a 20 round box. Looks cool, but the terminal ballistics seem to be rather mediocre (at best). Mea Culpa.