View Full Version : SCUBA -- Dive Rite DIN Isolation Dual manifold

12-16-2014, 17:13

Breaking up my last set of tanks to avoid temptation :(

Free to board members is an isolating manifold for steel doubles. You'll need two DIN regulators to use this as currently set up.

It's O2 compatible, 200 BAR, 1/2 isolating, configurable for 7.25" and 8" tanks, and set up for DIN regulators but Yoke adapters can be purchased (not recommended). Free to anyone who can use it with the understanding that you'll do a complete overhaul--if you tek dive you should know how to handle that anyway. I have a service kit somewhere that I'll throw in if I can find it.

I also have a set of 8" stainless steel doubles bands. These are US-made heavy gauge DIR bands, not the Chinese crap most are selling now. Same deal, free to anyone here who can use it.

Found the yoke adapters.

12-17-2014, 03:28
Both gone.