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12-01-2014, 19:27
Jayson here and today a coworker asked me for some advice on what to get her husband for Christmas. She told me he has recently taken up 3-Gun and is interested in getting some accessories. From my understanding he already has his three guns and now needs the "accessories" to play.

While I have always wanted to get involved with playing 3-gun, my current situation prevents me from doing so. Needless to say my my knowledge about this activity is extremely limited. I did a quick Google search and found several websites that sell equipment that is specialized for it; however I still have no idea what would be suitable choices for her husband.

So I am asking anyone to help or suggestions. My coworker told me her budget is around $300.00. She did mention that her husband also needs clothing which I suggested that 5.11 tac pants would be a good idea. Again any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


12-01-2014, 20:07
Race gun accessories are extremely personal choices. Hard to guess those. The pants are a good idea. Some other things off the top of my head:

Practice ammo
Armorer's tools
Quality eye pro
Reloading hardware

12-01-2014, 20:10
Look at Vertx (http://www.wearvertx.com/Mens-Original-Tactical-Pants.aspx) over 5.11 -
Does he have a holster setup? Shotgun shell holder? Oakley Prizm lenses are pretty nice for shooting. I got to shoot with Daniel Horner and he was using them. Won't make you shoot like him but they are nice.

Ammo.. Ammo... Ammo...

12-01-2014, 21:12
Baby tram converted to a mobile gun shop/cart.. I think these guys go to a shoot with nearly a case of ammo per caliber.

12-01-2014, 21:15
Not in any particular order. Also, the more modular the better to allow for different stage requirements.......

Belt setup:

Shotgun-shell caddies
Duty Belt
Pistol mag pouch
Spare rifle mag holder

Random goodies:

Good ear pro
Modular eye pro
Cleaning kit
Pocket pro-timer

Ammo, ammo, ammo....

12-03-2014, 15:52
It might help to know which 3 guns & gear he already has to recommend specific products.

03-16-2016, 11:02
Sorry to revive a very old post, but I have a feeling I will be doing some 3-gun stuff in the near future. Question: what is a baseline of gear, guns, and ammo I need to just get this potential bad habit started?

03-16-2016, 18:17
Bubba's list is the bare minimum. Adding some brand names I like equals BladeTech competition belt, holster, pistol mag pouches, rifle mag pouch; shotgun shell caddies (Carbon Arms work well for me); eyepro, electronic ear pro, a quality range bag with standard loadout, and the usual "dress for success" headgear to footgear. On range day add coolers, snacks drinks, etc. We won't even talk about shot timers and GoPro cameras yet. It gets expensive - even before you start buying ammo and paying for matches. Fortunately, I already had about half of it.