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11-07-2014, 21:51
I'm selling my rig that I bought this past spring. It consists of a Javelin Odyssey stock container, a 2013 PD Spectre 190, a Swift Plus 175 reserve and a 2014 Cypress 2.

The container is a "stock" container sized for a 71", 210# person. It will fit from a 150 to a 190 (tight but it fits) main and I think the same for a reserve. It has a Skyhook system, RSL, fully articulated, reserve pillow, and hackey BOC pilot.

Main is a 190 sq ft PD Spectre. It was bought for someone but they never paid/picked up so I got it at cost from Sky2Ground at Raefored. It is grey with 825 microline. Still slick as pig shit.

Reserve is a 1992 Swift Plus 175 I bought from the rigger at Raeford for like $300.

Cypress 2 was brand new in March 2014.

Attached is the document I filled out for Chutingstar that lists all the particulars and SN.

System has 15 jumps and is still like new. There is some grass stain on the reserve pillow from a fast landing/slide.

I am selling because I have number 2 on the way and have just realized that as much as I love hanging out at the DZ, I love spending time with my soon to be 4 year old son more. I look to do more family activities for the time being.

Asking $5500 pretty firm but some room to work with QP's. I will only sell this to USPA rated persons with some experience because a 190 7-cell is a whole different beast than the 360 sq ft 9 cell MC-4.

PM to discuss

11-12-2014, 14:58
Sold. Please delete