View Full Version : Shotgun/pistol LE instructor class at Autryville, NC

10-28-2014, 00:55
I've cleared this posting with TS.

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Development Schools
Handgun/Shotgun Instructor 12/08/2014 - 12/12/2014 Autryville, NC
Range Fee: $60.00 Tuition Fee: $595 tuition fee
Read details here: http://le.nra.org/training/instructor-development-schools.aspx

It's normally limited to LEO only, but if you are military, you can attend with ID and a letter from unit authorizing your attendance. It's an excellent resume booster since the certification is recognized nation wide. Min number for a class is 7 so I am soliciting one or two more participants for the course to take place. The more, the merrier of course. Hell, if you're near Bragg, to see this course happens I'll go as far as driving you to and back from the site each day, let you borrow my shotgun & pistol. Just bring the required gear and rounds.

Keep in mind it's an instructor course, not shooting course. Having said that, there are qualification shoot to pass the course. If you are proficient with pistol and shotgun (i.e. meeting CSAT, Rogers, SFARTEC, etc. standards), then the course qualification should present no problem.

Thank you for your kind consideration.