View Full Version : Bushmaster Carbon 15 $499.99 ?

10-09-2014, 21:57
Was just told of a sale on Bushmaster Carbon 15 superlight starting 10/10/14

Have they gotten their act together since 2004/05 time frame. Is this a decent gun for the price.

I have/use Rock River's for work and have not tried a Bushmaster.

Looking for advise for those that have current experience with them. :munchin

10-09-2014, 22:10
If you intend on babying the rifle and never allowing to impact anything, it's fine. The polymer of the rifle doesn't handle abuse. IIRC, the Plum Crazy polymer Receivers had similar problems.

The Carbon-15s have problems breaking around pin holes, and I consider them garbage. All the ones that can in the shop were broken in someway or another. IIRC Bushmaster will fix/replace them, don't know their conditions on it. I haven't ever heard anyone say anything nice about them other than they're cheap.

I saw a Bushmaster optics ready AR on Palmetto State Armory for close to that price, and mail in rebate.

My $0.02

10-09-2014, 22:20
That is what I was thinking. One of the guys gave me a flyer and I have not seen one other than the web page.

Thanks for the info.

Guess I will just buy some more rounds for the Rock River:D

The Reaper
10-09-2014, 22:21
Never saw one that would run.