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10-09-2014, 19:17
Recently I was in Europe and noticed a lot of backpacks on the luggage carousels. A few had covers to protect the straps but most didn't. It reminded me of an unfinished project I had and that was to find an airline shipping cover to protect my ALICE large pack. I found one at REI and it works well. And it only costs $29.50.

Here's the link to the pack cover:


It weighs 1 pound 5 oz and folds to 10.5" x 9" (my measurements). It's well made and the nylon is thick. Folded up it fits under the flap or in the radio pouch.

My modded ALICE large fits in it and there's room for a rolled Thermarest sleeping pad. The cover is a bit long but you could put a spare set of boots in it and some other gear if you wanted to.

You can lock the zipper to prevent theft from the "baggage handlers". I use a TSA approved combo lock.

See the attached photos.

10-09-2014, 22:50
Not too shabby. Have you thought of integrating a cover with your ruck? It would be attached to part of the ruck, say the inside of the top flap or one of the outer pockets. You can pull it out and cover the ruck and then zip or snap it shut. Just an idea.