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The Reaper
10-06-2014, 20:58
How the Hell did we miss this little toy?

Very cool for AR builders.

You are just not allowed to make them for anyone else.



I expect this to be banned in the very near future.


And the three initial discounted runs are sold out.


10-06-2014, 21:19
Wow.... That's an amazing little machine! Underground ingenuity... You can't stop it:lifter

10-07-2014, 05:47
My only concern, is what happens when the BATFE demands a list of all transactions? With this administration, I see them weaseling in emergency legislation outlawing these wonderful machines as soon as some brown-nosing intern takes this to his boss. There is no shortage of people out there who want to make firearm enthusiasts lives a nightmare for the illusion of public safety.

Since the current political climate has fostered red-eye legislation unopposed thus far, what's to stop them from kicking doors in to retrieve them once they get the word that a new law has been passed? I'm just thinking down the line, maybe there needs to be a cash and carry deal on these thingamajigs.

In the interim, I just need to figure out how to tell the wife about the upcoming account depletion..hmm...:D

The Reaper
10-07-2014, 09:27
It beats the hell out of the plastic firearms "printers".

I can see where at some point, you can drop in a block of aluminum (or plastic) that is slightly larger than the overall dimensions (essentially a 0% receiver) and it could make one from stock.

Legally, what is the difference between this device, and a few hours with a CNC. Or a milling machine or drill press? Or for that matter, a Dremel tool?

This is going to raise a lot of questions.

Once again, technology has outstripped the law.


The Reaper
10-07-2014, 10:57
Funny that the press conference in the video was held in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento Men Indicted for Illegally Manufacturing and Selling Assault Rifles in Sacramento Area and Fresno

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal grand jury indicted brothers Luis Cortez-Garcia, 44, and Emiliano Cortez-Garcia, 37, of Sacramento, today charging them with unlawful manufacturing and sales of firearms, conspiracy to unlawfully manufacture and sell firearms, and several counts each related to the unlawful possession, manufacturing, and sale of short-barreled rifles, machine guns, and silencers...

I would be surprised if the Ghost gunner or an actual CNC machine weren't involved in that little caper (https://www.atf.gov/press/release/2014/02/022714-sf-sacramento-men-indicted-for-illegally-manufacturing-and-selling-assault-rifles-in-sacramento-area-and-fresno.html), or is still being used by others for commercial sale of illegally produced firearms.

IIRC, those two were involved in a deal where you bought the 80% lower (and a parts kit) and brought it to them where they basically completed machining the lowers for the purchasers, assembled the un-serial numbered rifles for the customers, and transfered them without any paperwork, which is illegal (and avoids an 11% Federal Excise Tax on firearms).

Legally, you have to do the work yourself.


10-07-2014, 11:04
....conspiracy to unlawfully manufacture and sell firearms.....

I think this is the key difference between a normal machine operation with a mill or CNC mill vs. this device. The Ghost Gunner is designed to only complete an 80% receiver. That is its only capability. So in a situation where some other illegal activity was taking place maybe the State/fed could use that as two pieces of evidence. An 80% receiver and the machine in the same room. (Case being somehow making it all illegal. Felons/sales..ext) Just like a non-NFA title I lower being in the same room as a Short Barreled upper has been prosecuted successfully before as possession of an SBR and in another case intent to illegally manufacture an SBR. I do not think the true intention mattered; it was just based on the existence of the two items.

The question will be can they outlaw machines that are specifically designed to "manufacture" a firearm. A mill or CNC machine is fine because you can make anything, but a machine only designed to make a firearm, I could see someone trying to take that away from regular people in some manner through regulation.

I get the point of why they made this, but think they made a critical mistake on its limits. They should come up with several other programs proving it can make other things not firearms related. I was excited for a 3 axis table CNC, turns out that’s not what it is.

Team Sergeant
10-07-2014, 11:42
I was reading about that 3D printer just a few days ago. Has a lot of liberal politicians soiling their pants/panties......

Just wait until they start 3D printing hand grenades, mortar rounds, 40mm rounds etc etc etc...... ;)

So if they ban this "printer" will the "gov" continue the ban to include paper printers? (I'd rather make money than guns anyway....;))

The Reaper
10-08-2014, 08:58
We have Cody Wilson (creator of the printable 3D plastic "Liberator" gun) for this device. I wonder what the quality of the guns are that this can produce though?

The AR lowers that it is designed to produce look fine.


07-03-2016, 10:14
Has anyone here gotten one of these?

07-03-2016, 11:13
I can see how this could work someone buys this and makes a couple of lowers:rolleyes: then sells it to the next owner for maybe $240 and down the line until it is almost free to machine lowers.:munchin

07-03-2016, 17:36
It seemed very niche. I looked into it for awhile but couldn't rectify the 1500 dollar price tag to machine more expensive (and incomplete) lowers. Then again if you're alright with running a polymer lower there's always this (https://www.*******.com/watch?v=pxcSlOVeXlQ).

07-03-2016, 18:53
So they are working on code to complete 80% AR-10 lowers and 80% 1911 receivers.

I can't justify a $1500 price tag.

Gold Eagle
07-10-2016, 07:25
Price is a bit high for one person. Have any buddies to pitch in? Then divide the cost.

07-11-2016, 11:56
Weaponsman.com (Quiet Professionals, Noisy Machinery)
has been following this one pretty well: