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09-28-2014, 20:47
SOMA registration is now open:
Dec 8-11, 2014
Tampa Convention Center

It is USSOCOM sponsored. USASOC assigned medics do NOT have to pay the registration fee, only the lab fees. Co-sponsorship of this event does not imply endorsement of SOMA, its services, or products by the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or U.S. Special Operations Command.​​

18Ds: If you attend the vet lab, evening dental lab, main sessions, whatever sessions you want on day 3 (the MILSOF track is of course highly encouraged), and the human performance breakout on day 4, the 19th SFG(A) Surgeon will issue a certificate of completion of your non-trauma module (NTM).

This is the last time it will be in Tampa, and the last one in December. There will be no SOMA conference in 2015. The next one will be in Charlotte in May of 2016. A couple of reasons for the change:
a) We had received a good bit of feedback that December was a difficult time of year to get away to go to the conference. With the holidays, folks were having to choose between vacation with family and going to the conference.
b) Not a lot of SOF medical assets are left in Tampa. Charlotte is a big enough city to have some night life, and puts it within easy driving distance of Bragg, Benning, Va Beach, DC, etc., and it's a Delta hub, so hopefully will make it cheaper and easier for currently serving SOF medics to go.
c) Moving it to the May time frame meant we had to skip a year. We figured it would be overkill to have on in May of 2015, only 6 months after the last one.

As always, your feedback is greatly welcomed as to how we can make this conference better to serve your needs.