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Brush Okie
09-13-2014, 19:42
Anyone know how these work etc?


09-13-2014, 22:28
Looked at one up close, haven't heard them shoot...It's a very nice looking product.

The Class 3 serial numbered item is the outside shell. The inner core attaches to the rifle, is replaceable to the tune of about $300. The inner core is also the part that wears. There's another attachment that goes on the end for additional noise reduction.

What was explained to me is that the gases expand in the inner core pretty quickly, so that it doesn't affect the cyclic rate and pressure in the gun for longer than it should be.

They run $1500-1600 from looking them up.


Team Sergeant
09-13-2014, 23:26
Wow I like that guy, he knows his stuff!!!

09-14-2014, 10:02
Wow I like that guy, he knows his stuff!!!

...and he quotes Zig Ziglar in his tag line.

09-14-2014, 13:14
I'll give the rundown of all I know on it... which isn't a great deal.

The biggest deal of this supressor IMO is that you can disassemble this supressor and replace the parts that wear inside it, without having to get a new NFA item.

IIRC it isn't rated for .300WM or the higher end .30 cal rounds. Don't quote me on that though.

I have no idea how they got the ATF to bless off on the additional reduction device not being a second can.

My understanding of the replacable core (flash hider) not being part of the NFA item, is that the flash hider doesn't reduce the sound, but the placing of the shell on the outside does the suppressing. It boggles my mind thinking about all the legal aspects of this...I will leave that part to RL.


It's the next generation of suppressors...It's also the first generation of that type of supressor. (A can without baffles). That implies there should be improvements in the coming years for this technology. From the research that I did, the company has not brought a half-assed product to the table, I would call it an American quality 1st gen baffleless suppressor.

The gunsmith I worked with first guessed that it should be about $3k to get one. We were surprised when we were actually able to price them around $1500. We both were in agreement that the price of them should rise in the future.

The "flash hider" is a very intricate piece of metal that a great deal of machining went into. I think $300 is a little low, considering I've seen far simpler flash hiders go for $100. It also wasn't a hassle to attach the second noise reduction item.

The gunstore I worked at went out of business :(, so I won't get to look at it again :(.

I've decided that when I get a can, it will be one of these.

As far as quoting Zig... I'm a salesman. I like people to get the most for their money and have a product they'll be satisfied with. That means being honest to the best of your ability.

Papa Zero Three
09-14-2014, 16:38
The second, smaller portion isn't an NFA item becasue by itself, there is no way to attach it to a weapon. It will only fit on the end of the NFA controlled item.

As for their effectiveness, they are very quiet. If you're a db knit picker, your best bet is to hear/use one for yourself. OSS makes it clear, they make/made this with operational guys uses in mind, not civilian. With that said, you really have to see one up close to appreciate the amount of work and ingenuity that goes into this suppressor as it really is "next level" in the realm of suppressor tech IMO.

09-15-2014, 19:29
...and he quotes Zig Ziglar in his tag line.

I like your "The Day the Earth Stood Still" reference in your sig line! ;)

Klaatu: "I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason."

Another quote from it that I like.

09-17-2014, 00:19
I've been pretty curious about these too. It kind of seems like some of the guys involved are SOF of some flavor. I was surprised to see the agreement with HK announced, that's quite an accomplishment. We'll have to get one in to take a look.

09-20-2014, 23:03
The designer told me he is/was a QP at an event last year. He DOES know what hes talking about. I really considered him to be genuine in engineering and suppressor knowledge as oppose to some other manufacturers I talk to.

I shot the can and heard it myself. It sounds good. I did not get to meter it that day. I would say it sounds exactly like a high end suppressor. I shot it on a 7.62 Semi auto platform. No issues, very little backpressure very little POI shift. Keep in mind depending on how many parts you have on it, it has a direct effect on how it sounds. So the db can be tailored to some effect vs. the length of the suppressor unit you are willing to tolerate.

Basically, the suppressor works like a jet turbines veins in reverse. It moves the gas over 40" of area very quickly. This method of dissipation appears effective of slowing the gas down at a controlled rate that has a direct effect on the db report. There are "baffles" in the system that I handled. They are different than what is typical. Some of the attachments had K baffle/Omega style baffles that were highly modified and only similar to common baffle types in general outline.

The octagonal design of the can is meant to dissipate heat at the edges as oppose to in the sight picture to eliminate or at least mitigate mirage.

The designer is really down to earth and really open to explaining everything. I would not consider him to be a snake oil type of guy. If you know where to find him, I am sure hes open to answer any questions you have.

01-06-2015, 11:13

I am currently working for Russ at OSS, so if you guys have any questions or would like any more information on the cans, let me know and I will get you some answers, also we will be at SHOT '15 with a few different OEMs, HK. Desert Tech, and Christensen Arms to name a few if you want to take a good look at the cans, we will have the new Gen 5 cans then