View Full Version : Professionalsoldiers.com is not a Green Beret or Special Forces verification service

Team Sergeant
08-24-2014, 12:01
Professionalsoldiers.com is not a Green Beret or Special Forces "verification" service.

Yes we can verify anyone's United States Army Special Forces aka Green Beret status or background.

We will not verify an individual for you just for the asking.

We do go after suspected Green Beret aka Special Forces frauds. If you suspect the individual is lying about his Special Forces background contact us. If someone is making public claims (newspaper, internet website, TV interview etc) and stating that they were a "Green Beret" or Special Forces soldier, contact us.

If some moron is on facebook stating he was a "Green Beret" don't contact us as 99.9% of the idiots on facebook are frauds. The .1% that are not frauds have their own FB page. Same goes for all "social media".

We do not verify a potential employees Special Forces background, that's your job as an employer. How do you verify someone's Special Forces background you ask, simple, ask for a copy of his DD-214. If he does not have one he's lying, if he says it's classified, he's lying. If he give you a DD-214 and you do not understand it send it to us and we will check it.
(We will however verify anyone Special Forces background for a $10,000 donation to the Green Beret Foundation.)

We do not possess a list of Special Forces soldiers.

Do not send us an email with the following:

Dear Professionalsoldiers.com,
Is John Doe a green beret?

If you write to us then we expect a letter stating why you think an individual is lying about his Special Forces / Green Beret background. We expect the 5 W's, who, what, when, where and why

And if you write us we will keep your name and email address confidential. If the individual turns out to be a fraud he will only know that the real Green Beret's came for him and exposed him as a spineless fraud.

We do not verify SEALS, Rangers, Marines, etc. or any other steely eyed freedom fighters. (We can, for that $10,000 donation to the GBF.)