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08-04-2014, 00:56
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I'm shopping and looking for opinions re: a .22 Mag autoloader pistol. I like the round. The PMR-30 looks like a contender. I like the 30+1 magazine capacity and the entry fee (~$415).

Your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks very much. (******* review below.)


The Reaper
08-04-2014, 13:11
The .22 Magnum Rimfire will not do from a pistol what most people think it will.

Much of the powder will go up in the muzzle blast.

If you could borrow one, run it over a chronograph and see for yourself.

The MV and Energy readings are almost always taken from a rifle barrel.


08-04-2014, 18:49
Thanks, TR. Excellent considerations. I suspected the muzzle energy would be different. The Kel-Tec caught my eye, but only because the FN 5.7X28 came with some sticker shock. I prefer the ballistics and centerfire design of the latter. The WMR offers some comfortable simplicity and potential commonality if I choose also to get into another long gun. What I'm looking for is a backup sidearm while hunting coyotes (the 4-legged variety), and in my neck of the woods (to keep the County-mounties happy) I have to stay with < .22 caliber. Primary shooter would be 16-gauge with single-O loads (legal, but no slugs allowed).

Thanks again, sir.

08-04-2014, 22:13
I bought one for the same reasons you stated several years ago. In general I agree with TR. a 22 WMR out of a pistol is about the same as a .22 LR out of a rifle.
However, there are now several rounds which are slightly better

08-05-2014, 21:55
I have a 9-rind wheel gun in .22 LR that works fine. Had a MK II/III (stolen in 91). Good suggestions. Thanks!