View Full Version : WTB: Battle/War belt and other stuff

07-13-2014, 09:50
Looking to buy a battle belt just for a little more easy access options when I'm shooting at paper targets that never move. Obviously my use of this belt would be very limited and hopefully only recreational.

I've read threads here and more reviews than I care to admit on various belts. I would love one made in the USA, but will consider anything anyone here is willing to part with. I would also prefer one in A-Tacs AU pattern, but anything in the cluster of desert/coyote/FDE/etc. will be just fine.

This is not a need item for me but a want item. Anyone feel free to contact me via pm or any other means. I'm always in the market for cool new toys that QP's are most likely bored with also, so if anyone has old non issued gear like gen 2 NVG's or various optics....let me know.