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07-08-2014, 08:04
Meet Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick the founder of the Florida SFMC, Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick was wearing unauthorized badges and not SF qualified, nor Scuba qualified. An investigation was conducted, and found this to be true. [ I think it's important for everyone to know that the SFMC is originally from Colorado, not Florida, has no affiliation with Bo McCormick or the riding club he created down Florida.]
As far as his unauthorized badges, Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick wears a SF Tab and Scuba Badge on his “colors”.
SWC G-3 was contacted and there is no record of him having graduated from Scuba School or SFQC.
Additionally he gave the SFMC copies of his DD 214 and his DA 20. There is no annotation of the SQI W7 nor award or annotation of SQI S. By his own admission, he failed the SFQC 12B, in August of 1966.
His 214 lists him as an E-5 76Y20 and parachutist qualified. His DD 20 has him in a duty position of 76Y4S. He served in it as an unqualified E-5.

His replies to the allegations are as follows:
*He lost his records.
*He quit the SFQC because his child had the shits.
*He was awarded the S by Colonel Beck (I guess because he was a good guy?).
*By his own admission, he failed the SFQC 12B, in August of 1966 but stated "I feel that my experience in 10th Group makes me Special Forces Qualified". NOT!!!!!!! Ahh, the Holiday Inn Express excuse. That's a one.

He completed a civilian PADI SCUBA class in Germany, so he felt that he could just wear the Combat Diver badge.

Bo McCormick still insists that he feels he deserves the right to call himself SF because of all the time he spent in 10th Special Forces. This in itself is ridiculous.

"Bo McCormick, Special Forces, Green Beret Fraud"






07-08-2014, 09:25
Message from the REAL SFMC

Having been recently enlightened to the outing of a fraudulent Special Forces Soldier the TRUE Special Forces Motorcycle Club, LLC would like to make the following statement in order to clarify position and to express our gratitude for the efforts of all who do this valuable work.
The Special Forces Motorcycle Club, a true three patch traditional MC, was founded in Colorado Springs in early 2004 and is not to be confused with the organization created in Florida and associated with the now exposed fraud, Bo McCormick. Although the work Bo McCormick’s “club” has done in the past appears to be legitimate and valuable this disturbing discovery completely fragments any positive outcome to the past efforts of the trusting legitimate Green Berets working beside or associating with McCormick.
The SFMC was founded by FULLY vetted active and retired green berets from The Special Forces Regiment. The SFMC, as a traditional three patch MC, is a member of the Colorado Confederation of Clubs, and honors and follows the protocols and traditions of real MC's. All SFMC members are fully vetted before ever being voted in to become a prospect. After an intense prospect period that focuses on education on their new operational environment, the prospect must be voted in to become a full patch member. The SFMC, is a highly disciplined, highly educated MC that contributes greatly to the MC community and holds a brotherhood stronger than any ODA its members were ever on. The "Quiet Professionals" of the real SFMC, are respected by their fellow clubs for our actions, discipline and dedication to the entire biker community and the SFMC Mission Statement.
Finally, the revelations surrounding the outing of Bo McCormick are despicable and an embarrassment to the entire community. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts of all of those involved in the outing of this fraud. It requires many hours of work by many dedicated individuals to get this kind of valuable work done. The damage of “Stolen Valor” runs deep and far reaching and should never be left unchecked. Thank you all. De oppresso liber, SFMC

Team Sergeant
07-08-2014, 19:03
I remember the bottom feeder Bo McCormick attempting to assist in the outing of Derrell Gardner (Also a member of the Hall of Shame) (http://www.professionalsoldiers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23835)
Funny now the shoe is on the other foot.

"I feel that my experience in 10th Group makes me Special Forces Qualified"

What a f**king joke. Now the world knows about you and your lies you bottom feeding scumbag.

Fort Myers mayoral hopeful's claim may violate law Record shows no Special Forces stint
By Gabriella Souza • gsouza@news-press.com • July 17, 2009

The man who authored the Stolen Valor Act said he believes it is possible Fort Myers mayoral candidate Derrell Gardner could be prosecuted under his law's guidelines.

On his Web site, Gardner claims he was in Special Forces. His military record gives no indication he completed Special Forces training, and former Special Forces soldiers say this shows he never served in the elite unit.

The Stolen Valor Act is a federal law enacted in 2006 that makes it illegal to falsely claim any military decorations and medals.

Military historian Doug Sterner said because Gardner would have received a decoration for completing Army Special Forces training he is in violation of the act.
"My thinking when I wrote the bill ... was because there was a badge associated (a situation such as this) was covered," Sterner said from his home in Pueblo, Colo.

Bo McCormick, 64, founder of the nonprofit Special Forces Motorcycle Club, Inc. in Fort Myers, has requested the FBI research whether Gardner violated the Stolen Valor Act.Gardner could not be reached for comment Thursday.
His military record gives no indication he completed Special Forces training.

But Sterner said it is doubtful the FBI will pursue the case. It gets about 50 cases a week, he said, and what Gardner is claiming is not as extreme as other cases. Sterner himself only passes on to the FBI one out of every 15 cases he receives.
"On a scale," he said, "this would not qualify as extremely egregious."

Mel Smith disagrees. Smith, the executive director of the North Carolina-based Special Forces Association, said from his experience the FBI will investigate any claim regardless of how seriously the Stolen Valor Act was violated.
"If they're breaking the law, the (FBI is) going to go after them," he said.

Smith said usually when someone goes into Special Forces he has to guarantee he will be in the Army for one or two more years. Gardner's record shows he was released from active duty nine days after he left Special Forces training.
Plus, Smith said he has e-mailed Gardner several times asking him to explain his military background, but Gardner has not responded.
"His records don't match up," Smith said, "for what it takes to be in SF."
Gardner was found guilty of battery in 2001 against his wife at the time, Denise Gardner. Court records show the judge withheld adjudication of guilt, which means the case will not appear on Gardner's criminal record.
Gardner's fellow mayoral candidate Jenna Persons called in an e-mail for Gardner to produce his military record or admit his wrong.
Otherwise, she wrote, he should step out of the race.
"This city cannot focus on policy issues as long as Gardner's credibility is the main issue," Persons wrote. "Gardner cannot add anything to the policy debate unless he has first established credibility."

07-08-2014, 19:30
They make a fine fire team....

07-09-2014, 06:48
Coverage is going viral on Bo McCormick, Special Forces, Green Beret Fraud

Guardian of Valor was contacted by a reporter from the Fort Meyers press wanting more info due to their coverage on some of Bo's "fundraisers"

Military Phonies

This Ain't Hell

Special Forces Poser Patrol

07-10-2014, 09:04
I am disappointed, Bo ain't rockin' a CIB or Ranger Tab....LOL

07-10-2014, 09:37
I glad his friends are standing up for him.. :D

John "Faker 6" Giduck says:
July 7, 2014 at 6:02 pm
I like this guy…if only because he managed to gut out military service beyond day 58. If he’d only claimed something oddly Spetsnaz with the diving course and written a book, he might have been home free.

I stand behind Robert Stanley McCormick 100%. I’ll never leave my friend’s behind.


John “Faker 6″ Giduck
Comments: This Ain't Hell (http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=53384)

06-25-2017, 11:23
He's running his pie hole again. This was shared by him a few hours ago:

Bo McCormick
3 hrs
I HAVE MADE A NUMBER OF ATTEMPTS TO GET MY NAME REMOVED FROM A NUMBER OF WEBSITES WITH VERY LITTLE SUCCESS. ONLY ONE HAS REMOVED THE SLANDEROUS ACCUSSATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE. 3 years ago several members of the Special Forces Motorcycle Club, Inc, National SGT at ARMS, National President, National Treasurer, a Chapter President, launched an attack on my character and integrity. It would appear that there was an agenda by these individuals. That was to influence members of the Special Forces Motorcycle Club, Inc. to resign from the club and join the newly forming SF Brotherhood that at the time was forming a chapter in the Tampa area. By discrediting me, as the Founder of the SFMC, Inc., calling me a poser and fake SF soldier, members dropped out or did not renew their memberships, the Special Forces Association also terminated my Life Membership, and the mission of fund raising efforts by the SFMC was greatly affected by the false accusations. These accusations were posted on a number of "Stolen Valor", "Special Forces Fakes", "Professional Soldier", and other internet websites that proclaimed to expose people who either never served in the military or claimed awards, or service that they never earned or actually served in. As easy as it is to post on these websites it is next to impossible to get them removed.

Their false accusations were: I was never awarded the Special Forces "S" qualifier, never completed Special Forces training and was wearing a Green Beret without authorization. I was also accused of Stolen Valor, wearing an unauthorized Combat Divers Badge and Special Forces Tab.

I contacted my attorney and we discussed what action I should take. Since I knew the truth I decided to not respond to these false accusations at the time but instead sent a letter on 18 December 2014 and asked the Dept. of the Army's Record Review Board to review my records and my Special Forces "S" qualification. At the time of my separation from service, in 1967, I was issued an incorrect DD Form 214. My MOS was listed incorrectly. I sent my complete DA Form 20 (Enlisted Record) to the review board for verification and correction of my DD Form 214.

On March 18, 2015, I received a letter from Department of the Army, Army Board for Correction of Military Records. I was also issued a DD Form 215 which is a correction of DD Form 214.

In this letter, under:


Paragraph 3d. Item 38 (Records of Assignments) 17 August to 7 November 1966 - Engineer Training (SF Training). Company C, SF Training Group, Fort Bragg, NC (The photo attached was taken by Special Forces Training Group and sent to my hometown newspaper announcing my completion of my MOS training. The white full flash on my beret is the Training Group Flash).


The evidence of record shows the applicant attended SF training at Fort Bragg and was awarded SQI "S" (Special Forces Qualifier)
as verified by his primary MOS of 76Y4S. That should answer that false accusation. My DA Form 20 shows my primary duty MOS as 12B2S (Engineer-Special Forces) at training group. The "S" remains on my MOS until a commander removes it according to army regulations. The "S" qualifier is on my newly issued DD FORM 215.

I will address the claim of my wearing of unauthorized badges and tabs:

I have displayed on my SFMC club vest, which is not a military uniform or regulated by military dress code, left to right, the PRESIDENTS VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD (Awarded to me by President Bush for my volunteer work during Hurricane Charley) LIFE MEMBER NRA BADGE , a SCUBA BADGE(not a COMBAT DIVERS Badge. I am a PADI Certified Open Water Scuba Diver. The Army never awarded a SCUBA BADGE). JUMP WINGS, HERITAGE SOCIETY BADGE (For my commitment to support the Southeastern Guide Dog School even after my death).

Special Forces was reorganized and made a separate Division of the Army in 1983. At that time the 18 Series MOS was created along with the SPECIAL FORCES TAB.

The SPECIAL FORCES TAB was created almost 20 years after my service.. At the time of it's creation, according to regulation, it was retroactively awarded to members of the military as called out by those regulations. One of which is anyone who was SQI "S" qualified prior to the creation of the tab and served during wartime between the years 1942 and 1973.

STOLEN VALOR, I have never done anything that would even suggest that I have received monetary gain by the wearing of any military awards or badges which would constitute the act of STOLEN VALOR. I am not a hero or claim to have done anything that most veterans would not do for their country.

I respectfully request that you Share and comment on this post. I am also requesting that the SPECIAL FORCES ASSOCIATION reinstate my LIFE MEMBERSHIP, M-10494 due to the use of false accusations which were used to terminate my membership.

Any webmaster responsible for a website that has my name on it with
accusations, please remove my name and any posts that are related.


Respectfully submitted,
Robert "Bo" Bo McCormick

Team Sergeant
06-25-2017, 14:39
Robert "Bo" Bo McCormick

You've been weighed measured and found wanting.

Robert "Bo" Bo McCormick you are nothing but a liar and a fraud.

You are however an E-5 and a supply SGT.

And your name will stay here as a liar and a fraud.

You may fool the "civilians" but you are not going to fool the real Green Berets.

06-25-2017, 17:38
You mean that Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick is a SF poser?
That Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick is a still a SF fraud and poser?

06-26-2017, 12:21
Bo McCormick, Special Forces fraud, shared this:

THis is my last post on this issue. Before 1983 when the 18 Series MOS and the SPECIAL FORCES TAB was created the SPECIAL QUALIFICATION IDENTIFIER "S" indicated that anyone who had this identifier on their MOS was Special Forces Qualified. This had absolutely nothing to due with SUPPORT. That was created in 1983. I didn't make up the regulation AR 600-200 Section IX. Special Qualification Identifiers. It states that a volunteer airborne qualified individual can be awarded this qualifier by successfully completing special forces training at Special Forces Training Group or can be awarded this identifier by a Commander of a special forces unit after completing a similiar and /or equivalent qualifying experience. I completed my MOS training at Ft, Bragg, Special Forces Training Group but did not complete the second phase due to a family issue. The MOS 12B2S is listed as my Duty MOS at that time. The photos that were sent out of me wearing a green beret with a Training Group Flash were staged, setup, and taken by a training group photographer. I was reassigned to Company C, 10th SFG. I was assigned to ODB 7 and ODB 8 at which time I completed the required training to be awarded the SQI "S" Special Forces Identifier. I was awarded the "S" qualifier on 18 JUL 1967, by my Company Commander COL BECK. This can be verified on my DA Form 20. (Enlisted Personel Record) as was verified by the Dept of the Army, Army Board For Correction Of Military Records. All of the above information can be verified on my DA Form 20. Did I wear a GREEN BERET while serving YES. Did it have a Full Flash, YES. I was given an early out to return to college for the spring term by COL BECK. I served in the reserve and received my Honorable Discharge 15 MARCH 1971 completing my 6 year military obligation. THE END! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE FACTS, TAKE IT UP WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY .

06-26-2017, 13:10
You mean that Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick is a SF poser?
That Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick is a still a SF fraud and poser?

Yeah, that guy and a persistent poser too...his Company Commander awarded him his S qualifier don't you know...that was how it was done...'back in the day' and all of the supply sergeant entries on the documents sent by DA/FOIA are probably a cover for his super secret double nought spy scuba missions.

Bo, like many young troops, got ahead of the game and had a picture made before flunking out of the Q....that is his other proof lol.

I'll bet he was a pita in the supply room to

Utah Bob
06-26-2017, 14:08
I was in C Company of the 10th when Beck was the CO. The S suffix certainly was not awarded at company level. As I recall you could only get an S after serving on an ODA, not a B team.
What a loser.

06-26-2017, 15:58
One of the posts recites that decisions of the ABCMR are publically available. Maybe my Google-fu is weak, but I can't find it on the world wide interweb.

The AR for the ABCMR recites that the decision, less some personal information, is to be a matter of public record and is to be electronically available (after 1996).
There is also supposed to be a hard copy public record of all decisions in Arlington, VA but I'm not near there.

Anybody have access to the actual decision (that appears to run five pages long)?

06-27-2017, 23:43
Here is the redacted report from the Army Board for the Correction of Military records:


BOARD DATE: 17 March 2015

DOCKET NUMBER: AR20140012463


1. Application for correction of military records (with supporting documents provided, if any).

2. Military Personnel Records and advisory opinions (if any).


1. The applicant requests correction of his DD Form 214 (Armed Forces of the United States Report of Transfer or Discharge) to show in:

* item 5a (Grade, Rate, or Rank) – SGT(P) (indicating sergeant permanent)
* item 22c (Foreign and/or Sea Service) – "01 01 23" (indicating 1 year, 1 month, and 23 days)
* item 23a (Specialty Number and Title) –76Y4S ("4" indicating skill level and "S" indicating the special qualification identifier (SQI) for Special Forces (SF))

2. He states his DA Form 20 (Enlisted Qualification Record) verifies the correct information. He offers the "S" in his primary military occupational specialty (MOS) indicates he was SF qualified. He pointed out these errors at the time of his separation, but he was told it would take a week to correct.

3. He provides:

* self-authored statement
* DD Form 214
* DA Form 20
* Honorable Discharge Certificate
* document titled, "Vietnam Era Military Occupational Specialties"
* excerpts from Army Regulation 600-200 (Enlisted Personnel Management System)
* Internet article titled, "Description and History of the SF Tab and the Green Beret"


1. Title 10, U.S. Code, section 1552(b), provides that applications for correction of military records must be filed within 3 years after discovery of the alleged error or injustice. This provision of law also allows the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) to excuse an applicant's failure to timely file within the 3-year statute of limitations if the ABCMR determines it would be in the interest of justice to do so. While it appears the applicant did not file within the time frame provided in the statute of limitations, the ABCMR has elected to conduct a substantive review of this case and, only to the extent relief, if any, is granted, has determined it is in the interest of justice to excuse the applicant's failure to timely file. In all other respects, there are insufficient bases to waive the statute of limitations for timely filing.

2. The applicant enlisted in the Regular Army on 16 March 1965.

3. His DA Form 20 shows in:

a. item 22 (MOS), his primary MOS as 76Y4S (Unit and Organization Supply Specialist) effective 18 July 1967;

b. item 31 (Foreign Service), service in U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR)-Germany from 13 December 1966 to 23 February 1968;

c. item 33 (Appointments and Reductions):

* SP4(P) (specialist four permanent) with a date of rank (DOR) of 13 May 1966
* SGT(T)/E-5 (sergeant temporary) with a DOR of 15 March 1967 by Headquarters, 10th SF Group, Special Orders Number 67
* SGT(P)/E-5, U.S. Army Reserve (USAR), with a DOR of 18 December 1967 under authority of Army Regulation 140-158 (Enlisted Personnel Classification, Promotion, and Reduction), paragraph 5

d. item 38 (Record of Assignments):

* 17 August to 7 November 1966 – Engineer Training (SF Training), Company C, SF Training Group, Fort Bragg, NC
* 7 November 1966 – en route to USAREUR
* 15 December 1966 – Company C, 10th SF Group (Airborne), USAREUR, as the assistant supply sergeant in MOS 76Y4S
* 4 December 1967 – en route to the continental United States

4. The applicant's records are void of orders promoting him to SGT/E-5.

5. He was honorably released from active duty on 18 December 1967 as an overseas returnee and transferred to the USAR. He was credited with 2 years, 9 months, and 3 days of active duty service. His DD Form 214 shows in:

* item 5a – "SGT(T) (See #30)"
* item 5b (Pay Grade) – "E-5"
* item 6 (DOR) – 15 March 1967
* item 22c –USAREUR "0000 01 23"
* item 23a – 76Y2O Unit Organizational Supply Specialist
* item 30 (Remarks) – "SP4(P) E4" appointed 15 March 1967, DOR 13 May 1966

6. Army Regulation 611-201 (Enlisted Military Occupational Specialties), in effect at the time, described the direct relationship between grade and skill level. The Soldier's skill level was awarded based solely on pay grade unless the Soldier was scheduled for or was attending MOS qualification training. For instance, privates/E-1 to E-3 hold skill level 1; SP4s and specialist fives hold skill level 2; specialist five team leaders hold skill level 3; and noncommissioned officers in the ranks/grades of SGT/E-5, staff sergeant/E-6, and sergeant first class/E-7 hold skill level 4. When a Soldier is promoted or reduced, the skill level is changed accordingly.

7. Army Regulation 600-200 prescribes the reporting, selection, assignment, and utilization of active Army enlisted personnel. Chapter 2 governs SQIs, additional skill identifiers, and language codes. It states the SQI is the fifth character of the MOS code (MOSC) and may be used with any MOS unless restricted by another regulation. The fifth character of the MOSC will contain the letter "O" when the Soldier is not qualified for an SQI. SQI "S" is used for SF personnel.

8. Army Regulation 635-5 (Separation Documents), in effect at the time, established standardized policy for preparing and distributing the DD Form 214. The regulation stated the DD Form 214 is a summary of a Soldier's most recent period of continuous active service. It provides a brief, clear-cut record of active duty service at the time of release from active duty, retirement, or discharge. The instructions stated to list the total active duty service performed outside the continental limits of the United States for the period covered by the DD Form 214 and the last overseas theater service was performed in item 22c.

9. Army Regulation 140-158, in effect at the time, prescribed policies and procedures pertaining to the identification, classification, reclassification, promotion, and reduction of enlisted members of the USAR who were not serving on active duty. The regulation stated that members who have served satisfactorily on active duty in a temporary grade higher than their permanent grade and were released from active duty in the temporary grade without concurrent promotion to the permanent grade may be promoted to the higher grade by the area commander or commanding general effective the day following release from active duty.


1. There is no evidence or orders and the applicant did not provide any to show he was promoted to SGT(P)/E-5 during his service on active duty. A change in his status from SGT(T) to SGT(P) appears to have been made while he was a member of the USAR. Because he did not hold SGT(P) as a member of the RA, his DD Form 214 is correct as constituted.

2. It is not known why the applicant believes he served under USAREUR for 1 year, 1 month, and 23 days. His DA Form 20 verifies he arrived in Germany under USAREUR on 13 December 1966 and departed on 4 December 1967. His USAREUR service equates to 11 months and 22 days. Therefore, he is entitled to correction of his DD Form 214 accordingly.

3. The evidence of record shows the applicant attended SF training at Fort Bragg and was awarded SQI "S" as verified by his primary MOS of 76Y4S. Additionally, he held the temporary rank/grade of SGT/E-5 at the time of his assignment and subsequent release from active duty. Therefore, he is entitled to correction of his DD Form 214 to show his specialty and skill level as 76Y4S.


1. The Board determined the evidence presented is sufficient to warrant a recommendation for partial relief. As a result, the Board recommends that all Department of the Army records of the individual concerned be corrected by:

a. deleting the current entry from item 22c of his DD Form 214 and replacing it with "00 11 22" and

b. deleting the current entry from item 23a of his DD Form 214 and replacing it with "76Y4S."

2. The Board further determined the evidence presented is insufficient to warrant a portion of the requested relief. As a result, the Board recommends denial of so much of the application that pertains to changing his rank to SGT(P) and crediting him with 1 year, 1 month, and 23 days of foreign service.

06-27-2017, 23:45
He was able to sidestep the issue of whether or not he was ever a true Special Forces soldier (graduate of the Q course, awarded the ASI "S"; or equivalent combat service) by recasting his request as a correction from an MOS of xxx2x to xxx4x because he was an acting / temporary Sergeant.

But the ABCMR was wrong for two reasons:

Back then, there was Specialist Four (E-4) , Specialist Five (E-5) and Specialist Six (E-6), etc. They could be appointed "acting" or "temporary" non-commissioned officers comparable to the pay grade (Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant). But as Specialists, they were not NCO's (leaders), and actually ranked below any noncommissioned officer. That is, a "hard stripe" Corporal E-4, as an noncommissioned officer, outranked a Specialist Seven E-7).

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specialist_(rank)

So the Board made mistake #1 by using the current rank structure to assume that since he was an E-5 he was a Sergeant, and they granted his request for award of the MOS skill level "4" [xxx4x]. While that may have been his duty MOS, unless he had actual orders promoting him to Sergeant (E-5) and awarding him the MOS xxx4x, he was at all times on active duty a Specialist Four (E-4) or at best Specialist Five (E-5) with an actual MOS of xxx2x.

The Board made mistake #2 by also misreading his duty MOS, the slot he occupied (whether qualified or not), with ASI xxxxS and carrying it over to the "corrected" military record when they gave him skill level 4.

But notice he never asked for a change of his actual MOS to indicate he was Special Forces qualified, nor did he request award of the Special Forces Tab.

He was a Company supply guy, a Specialist Four?Five? made an temporary Sergeant (we called them "acting jacks").

But he was not and never will be a Special Forces qualified soldier.

And if he wants to press it, let him go ahead and ask JFK Center to retroactively award the Tab. The answer will be no.

Oh, and by the way, despite the fact that he "though it would be fixed in a week" he busted the three year statute of limitations to file for a correction by 47 years. Yeah, a real sense of urgency. But the ABCMR is inclined to look kindly on older gray haired soldiers when it really doesn't cost anything.