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Brush Okie
07-06-2014, 14:51
Here is a review of a Tac Ops line of rifles. First off I am not a sniper etc so take my reviews for what you want. This particular model is basically a tango-51 .308. I bought one a few years back and do not regret it.

Fit and finish- Exellant. Mike really knows his stuff. His rifles are based on the Rem 700 action that are reworked. Mine has a 20 in heavy bbl that is threaded for a suppressor (he makes those as well) and covered in Birdsong green and black.

Accuracy. They are guaranteed .25 MOA with Federal GMM ammo. While most people taylor their ammo to the rifle, tac ops does the opposite. Since he builds for law enforcement and Federal GMM is the standard sniper round he builds his rifles to shoot that ammo the best. My test target came with a group of .015 in at 110 yards. (3 shots) I will admit I had my doubts, however I shot a .020 in group right first time around. That was my best group ever BTW. Mike told me mine shot several good groups under .25 but he sent me the best. I am a believer. At one time I took several loads out for testing. Two different hand loads, FGMM 168 gr, FGMM 175 gr and Black hills 175. I put about 20 rounds of the mix into one big ragged hole. I attached a photo of a 5 shot group of 168 gr sierra with 45 gr varget Lapua brass.

NOTE, I thought it was a diffrent group. Sorry for the mix up. Between being old, post surgery and the few years that passed I am just not all there today. Soory for the info it was a mix up on my part.

Cost- A lot. No fixed price but what I got with rifle ie drag bag, storm hard case etc etc plus the quality it was worth it. Every rifle is different depending on options such as caliber, stock, anschutz rail, bases etc etc. Call and ask.

Wait-- long time. If you need it for work you will be a priority but don't expect it in a couple of weeks.

Any way

Brush Okie
07-06-2014, 18:16
oops made a mistake. That is a 5 shot group with hand loads. I had a photo of a similar sized group of about 30 rounds Sorry for the bad info. My surgery is kicking my ass today. Will edit post for accuracy.