View Full Version : Extrication 101..it IS fun cutting the roof off a car

12-07-2004, 16:17
It was fun learning some basic extrication techniques this past week. Here are a few pics of the carnage...with yours truly at the helm of some heavy duty tools.

Disclaimer ...noone was injured..except for the cars in the taking of these pictures.

I am the one wearing the yellow helmet....that is not the PT.

EMS/Rescue work is fun.

12-07-2004, 17:04
Holmatro Tools, while not my favorite... nevermind.

Who was the safety officer and why does that female have her hand on the car without having it in a glove? lol

Sorry JJ. Force of habit.

I am glad to see you had fun and learned you have alot to learn. Keep it up. You will make a fine P-medic one day.


12-07-2004, 17:09
Yes I do have alot to learn as far as extrication goes. I am not sure why she had her gloves off. Standing orders that day were to have gloves on at all times while in the "hot"/cutting zone. The Safety Officer is standing behind me I think. I was too busy trying to get that door popped off. ;) :D

They had Hurst and Holmatro tools and Dewalt Sawzalls for us to use.

12-07-2004, 17:18
Did they teach hinge before Nader Nail or was it your choice to start there?

I ask because thats one of the constant dabates in rescue community. It is kinda like the "how many bones in the human body" debate. Personally I go for the hinges, thats when I actually get to play. Damn IC responsibilities. Sometimes I wish I could 'ride backwards' again.

Glad you enjoyed it.


Bill Harsey
12-07-2004, 17:55
Good work.

Try the oxy-acetylene cutting torch next time.

You'll find the spilled gas faster.

12-07-2004, 17:57
You know Shadowflyer, if you really wanted to impress us, you'd do that with a Harsey knife :D :munchin

12-07-2004, 18:15
I've seen the Fire Service do this many times when I was doing Civil Defence, and it's bloody amazing. Like a tin can.

12-12-2004, 05:51
the danish army version, for army doc's. the civ. is from aalborg FD