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05-16-2014, 13:55
This is a forward of a message to Cliff Newman at SFA . It has been forwarded to all SFA Chapters. Please respond directly to below. Thanks!

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Subject: 8th SFG question and SOCSOUTH memorial

Gents, hope you can provide me some adult supervision pertaining to 8th SFG.
SOCSOUTH is putting in a memorial wall for all SOF killed in operations or
training in SOUTHCOM AOR.

I've heard about a crash in 1964 that was an Air Commando C-47 that had
14 guys from 8th SFG on it.

SOCSOUTH has told me they have no information on that crash for their
memorial, so I'm hoping to find some 8th SFG guys who may be able to help
find the names of the casualties.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

v/r rick

Richard Green
USSOCOM History Office
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MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5323
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12-23-2014, 14:47
Talked with Dad about this today. He knows of a C47 crash on a training mission to Colombia in 1965. His neighbor across the street at Ft. Randolph was on that flight. He was "a big guy", a "football player or something like that" and was with PSYOPS. A whole A team from the 8th was onboard. The plane "went straight into a mountain". All were lost.

10-05-2016, 17:51
Hi my name is Spencer Donaldson, i may have some information that could help your search i looked at the date for the post i realize its older but maybe this could help find some of the names you're looking for. At Cass High School last year for my Junior year they had a survivors course for JROTC the man teaching it was Carlton G. Ethredge he is Green Beret and a Former member of the 8th Special Forces Group he taught jungle warfare in Panama during the late 60's. Cass High School is in White County, GA but i believe he lives in Bartow County Georgia if you want anymore info you would have to find him i don't have any contact info for him, thats all i know i hope you find the names of the SF guys that were on the plane.

10-05-2016, 18:37
The last few posts at the Special Forces Association website resolves the facts regarding this crash. Post title "C47 crash in Cali Columbia on 28 Aug 65", djmarnon author.

06-28-2017, 12:14
I wanted to pass along a thanks to everyone who responded to my RFI above that Cliff Newman was kind enough to forward and Beef to post regarding the casualties for the SOCSOUTH memorial. I assisted SOCSOUTH from the SOCOM history office and would like to relay that the info we received from SF Association, Professionalsoldiers, and air commandos was the key to identifying over 30 casualties from the 1960-70 timeframe that otherwise I doubt would now be on that memorial. You also helped with more recent casualties but for that first decade, your input was crucial.
Can't thank you enough.
v/r rick
USSOCOM History Office