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05-11-2014, 11:31
I am working for a "company" that has asked me to do some research into the prospect of obtaining a good system to use at night for surveillance. First some notes.

1) It will more than likely not be used on a weapon. Nice option to have though.
2) Cost is to be around $5,000 up to $9,000.
3) Recording what you see is a must.

What we want to see is people who are trying to hide in the woods and depth perception hopefully is a plus. Seeing people deep in the woods, say getting an image in a forest at circa 50ft deep is also a plus.

As of right now I am leaning towards a FLIR device. I had some NOD's before with IR illumination. Believe it or not my old cassette video camera detected the IR illumination flashlights and some lasers through the viewing port.

Any suggestions?

05-11-2014, 12:07
NVGs amplify light ans on no lume nights ou need an illumiator to flood the area to see objects.

I prefer the FLIR that is hand held. They can be adjusted to compinsate for the different thermal signatures. The one we use has RCA outputs and we attach a sony recorder that runs on battery or vehicle power.

We have also used marine versions to spot people in the water or detect activity on a boat as we approach.

FLIR. FLIR!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents

05-11-2014, 20:32
I have used a MILCAM FLIR with great results. It won't fit on a weapon, but mounts on a tripod and is completely recordable.

05-11-2014, 21:24
Any recommendations on FLIR units a regular civilian can buy?


First Mate II HM-324XP+ Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera

Model # 14497325

Not cheap but a great device for the price point....

05-11-2014, 22:24
Any recommendations on FLIR units a regular civilian can buy?

Yes - how much do you want to spend?


Go for at least a 320

Or the T70 clip on is nice but $$$ ($15k).

05-23-2014, 08:23
Probably not really applicable to what the OP is looking for but thought it was interesting enough to mention ( though not enough so to start a new thread)


FLIR attachment for smartphones. It is not out yet. Looks like a 3-400 price point. Would be interested after seeing some videos not done by the manufacturer.