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05-09-2014, 22:19
Hello there! I am currently in the long and budget constraining process of assembling an AR-15 from parts. To make a long story short, I found a particular flash hider that I think looks quite appealing and like it will get its job done. However, it claims to also have the multiple purposes of being used with specific ammo types to "break padlock shanks and fencing", as well as being very sharp and easily made even sharper. I don't so much doubt the first claim, so much as I am curious of any experiences some of you may have had with "impact device" flash hiders, or in other words, something you mount on the end of your barrel in lieu of a bayonet. This particular one would fall into what I believe is called a shark tooth style flash hider, as opposed to a blunter weapon, it is supposed to be sharp enough to inflict stabbing wounds.

Since it was asked for:


I make no comment on the name of the website, only that the product looks cool.

05-09-2014, 22:31
The name of this component or a link would be helpful.

05-09-2014, 23:23
Three things, 1) I don't see the need for any sharp pointy impact device on the end of my rifle you can easily muzzle punch somebody with a factory bird cage just as well as anything else. 2) If your close enough to muzzle punch a person you are also close enough for them to grab your weapon. And 3) if you have to muzzle punch someone why not just got to hard empty hands or less then lethal tools?

That looks like some jack wagon end of the world zombie BS to me.:rolleyes:

The Reaper
05-10-2014, 10:44
IMHO, the primary purpose of the flash suppressor is to suppress flash, and to an equal degree, protect the crown of the muzzle. All of the standard issued flash suppressors do that just fine.

If you need a pointy stabbing weapon, maybe you should just use a bayonet and be done with it.

I suspect that a solid poke from a standard birdcage is going to get someone's attention, particularly over a hard or bony part of the body. If not, you always have the trigger to pull.

Unless you are doing a lot of breaching, or have a need to collect a DNA sample, the curent fad of scary looking muzzle devices is largely a waste of money. The military has hundreds of billions of dollars in their budget. Do you regularly see this crap on any of their weapons?

Now, assuming that you have effectively stuck someone other than yourself with this neat device, how are you going to look in court with pics of your poor victim with a metric ton of stitches, and your rifle with said device as Exhibit A? If you make it through the criminal trial, the civil liability could bankrupt you.

Just my .02, YMMV.