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04-27-2014, 15:10

04-27-2014, 21:49
QP's (anyone working with SWTD specifically)

I was hoping you could give me a straight forward answer on the Time in Service requirements for an 11b to drop a packet for SF.

I was originally going for a REP63 but was DQ'd from an airborne stamp because I have a med waiver (PULHES: 111111) I am about to ship to OSUT for the National Guard and am trying to find out how soon I can put in for an evaluation from B/5/19

I've read that you must be an E-4 but others have said there is no TIS or TIG requirement for the Guard guys.

Any input would be helpful.



Looks like you have the PULHES code wrong. A 11111 won't DQ from a airborne stamp.

If you failed to obtain an airborne stamp, how are you going to obtain a SF Physical?

04-28-2014, 03:07

My PULHES was waived to 1's. While MEPS put a 3 in the P for a heart murmur - thus MEPS won't give me an airborne physical. I am under the impression however, that I can get an airborne physical once I'm in. That is why I am curious as to the TIG/TIS requirements


SF Hunter
04-28-2014, 14:05
I replied to your PM, but let me go ahead and double-tap:

You normally, need to have at least 12 months service since completion of OSUT/AIT and have attained the pay grade of E-4.

You also need to be minimum age of 20.

But, if you have a heart murmur, that is most likely going to DQ you for SF...period.

04-28-2014, 15:39

Thanks for the PM

The waiver was for history of heart murmur. At this point my heart is functioning normally but MEPS still required a waiver for the history of the murmur.

Thank you for the info