View Full Version : Potential Record: 907 Pound Tuna

04-06-2014, 15:11
Rather short on details but a 56 year old New Zealand woman caught a 907 lb. Pacific Bluefin tuna on a rod and reel Feb. 19th. She has submitted her catch to the International Game Fish Association. The current record is 777 lbs. Picture here: http://http://www.ibtimes.com/907-pound-tuna-fish-caught-new-zealand-angler-donna-pascoe-may-hold-new-world-record-photo-1567575 (http://www.ibtimes.com/907-pound-tuna-fish-caught-new-zealand-angler-donna-pascoe-may-hold-new-world-record-photo-1567575)

04-06-2014, 15:41
I can't imagine fighting a fish for over three hours on a rod and reel. Quite an accomplishment indeed...in spite of being a probable world record catch.

And I thought I did good yesterday catching 30 bass...:D

04-07-2014, 00:33
Jeebus……I've worked some bluefin tuna up to the 200lb mark before(in the US)…..and that's 1 guy in a chair, with a big Penn rod/reel and two guys on the gaffs.

But that's a bloody big fish to fight solo. And Tuna pound for pound are incredibly strong and powerful fish.

Having had the chance to fish the US(East Coast), Gulf Coast, and Bahamas…….NZ is absolutely ROTTEN with fish…..big fish…especially up north.

We caught some Kingfish and Snapper about a year ago up North……we caught our baitfish with a grappling hook on a rod by hooking the massive schools of baitfish through their sides when they get pushed to the surface…..I now know the expression "school of fish thick enough to walk on" is nearly true.

And that's right around where Zane Grey used to fish in NZ back in the day landing monsters.

Most people don't bother catching/eating seafood like crabs(although caught and exported to Japan) down here….too much work when there's so much easier to catch/eat food in the water.