View Full Version : New Toys,, and an EYE opener..

04-04-2014, 05:23
I picked up a couple new pistols. A Ruger 22/45, model 3906, Lite and a Walther PPK/S. Both 22lr & both threaded. I am moving closer to my goal,, NFA trust.

Took the new boys and my old S&W M-41 to the range for some break in.

The Smith 41 was for base-line accuracy. I use to be able to one-hole a complete box.. At 66, I now shoot with reading glasses to see the sights. Consequently, I don't get a good picture on the target.. Yap,, I'm a FOG...

The Smith target was good, not like yesterday,, but good..

The Walther not so good, but given my expectations for a short barrel pocket pistol, it was except-able.. Did have 6 FTF, it is brand new.

Now the new Ruger,, I put an old Aimpoint ComC SM 4MOA glass on it for giggles. The pistol weights in at 22.73 oz, the scope at 6oz. Actually a nice heft and good balance.

What really got my attention was the accuracy I was able to squeeze out of the combo. Using my TV glasses, I was able to co-witness BOTH MY EYES, the red dot, and target. The 4MOA at 25ft only covered about 1/2 the dia of the 1.5 inch target center.

The target shows the progressions of walking the scope adjustments until I had center mass. It has 5 x 10 shoot groups, totals 50 round. Again I had 3 FTF.