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04-03-2014, 14:27
Greetings gentlemen of 5th SFG(A). I wanted to let you all know about the Distinguished Service Cross Ceremony of Patrick N. Watkins that will be held at 1500hrs, at the Liberty Chapel, of the 7th SFG(A) Cantonment area, Eglin AFB, FL 32542. If you are in the area and able to attend, your presence will be appreciated in seeing MSG Watkins finally recognized for his actions and bravery 46 years ago.

If there are any active 5th SFG(A) men here, It would be very appreciated if this info could be passed along to Command, as I’m sure they’d like to know and send 5th Group representation.

Actions of then SSG Patrick N. Watkins:

On the evening and morning of 22-23 August 1968, SSG Patrick N. Watkins,FOB#1 Phu Bai SOA(CCN), 5th SFG(A), 1st SF, MACVSOG, was waiting to attend a promotion board at the "secure" HHC compound in Da Nang, RVN. That evening, while setting down for the night, a large enemy force of over 250 elite NVA Sappers attacked the compound. The NVA violently assaulted the billets with AK-47s,hand-grenades, RPG’s, satchel charges, and mortar fire, where many of the men were already asleep. SSG Watkins, immediately sprang into action to furiously engage the enemy and rescue fellow Americans. All that night while under constant NVA fire, as the base was completely overrun, SSG Watkins dug out his fellow wounded from the rubble of destroyed billets while engaging and killing numerous elite NVA Sappers roaming the area. SSG Watkins organized rescue efforts and led a small band of fellow warriors to engage the enemy with little more than his .45, unstopping until the base was finally secured the morning of the 23rd. Over 75 NVA sappers were killed inside the wire that very long night. SSG Watkins was wounded multiple times, but heroically continued in his mission to save as many men as he could and defeat the enemy. 18 Americans and over 25 indigenous allied Special Commando Unit (SCU) members were killed that night with over 30-SF personal WIA, and the toll would have been severely greater if not for the above and beyond courageous actions of SSG Patrick N. Watkins.