View Full Version : Stirling ST-5 external combustion engine

02-20-2014, 13:10
I figured something like this could help in conjunction with water purification methods mentioned elsewhere, and for running electrically powered items in far off lands (or home for that matter) without a dependence on a grid, or liquid fuel.


Total Energy Independence

The ST-5 has been designed for those who either cannot obtain grid electricity easily and economically or have realized the uncertainty of total dependence on utilities to supply their power needs. If you need electricity at remote locations where grid power is not a feasible proposition; have experienced the inconvenience of grid power failure; wish to avoid the predicted utility "rate shock"; have found the internal combustion engine an undesirable backup for your wind or photovoltaic system; actively seek alternative sources of energy for your security and peace of mind, or if you simply desire an Independent Home Energy System for your home or greenhouse, the ST-5 may be the solution you have been looking for.