View Full Version : Richard Doubek Special Forces liar and fraud

Team Sergeant
02-18-2014, 10:46
Richard Doubek of Carefree, Az area you lied to the wrong veteran. You told a real Special Forces officer that you were a former Special Forces soldier. Guess what that Special Forces officer you lied to contacted myself and a few other Special Forces Fraud hunters and guess what we did, we have your military records.

You were never in Vietnam, you were never a Sergeant First Class and you were never in Special Forces. You were however a "Clerk typist" stationed in Korea for about two years. Yeah, I have your records. Soon I will be posting your "story" when I find a copy..... you know the lies you told the kids that interviewed you.

And BTW I live just a few minutes from your location, look for me at your next Special Forces meeting, you bottom feeding scumbag.