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02-17-2014, 15:54
Hello all,

My question today is more of looking for confirmation or correction so here it goes. I believe I understand, through my research, that A 5/19th SFG is responsible for Asia/Pac regions with language assignments containing: Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, French, and finally Arabic. However, my question is raised only due to the date of most resources being 2004-2008. I am only attempting to confirm that this is still the case, or if my research is assed up and these presumptions are not current.

I understand that many of you here are currently with 19th, and to those individuals and others I say thank you in advance for any consideration to answering my question above. I do understand this is not a 25m target at this point in time, as right now my 25m is mental and physical training in preparation for the SFRE. I do hope that leaders on this board though, may appreciate the diligence of pursuing a gain in knowledge of one of these languages in advance. I suppose you may describe this as a premeditated effort in hopes of excelling ahead of time in one of the more academic portions of the SQFC (Again, only as I understand it to be from my research).

Once again, thank you for your patience in reading my post as well as any insight you may be willing to provide on this matter.


The Reaper
02-17-2014, 16:41

Honestly, the odds are that your question will almost certainly be moot.

I would respectfully recommend that you focus on the multiple close engagement targets to your immediate front and disregard the 300 meter target for now.

If you don't, the language will not matter.

Best of luck.


02-17-2014, 18:28

Fair enough. One can become easily overzealous in these matters. Thank you for the re-focus.