View Full Version : Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb - carbine backpack review

02-14-2014, 18:26
I hope I've chosen the correct forum to share my Eberlestock review...

Due to the legal reasons (Europe) I can't carry around assault rifle, so just imagine that my EdGun Lelya is for example FN P90 machine pistol :cool:


ENJOY :lifter

02-25-2014, 14:30

You mention carrying DSLR cameras in your review (agree the Cherrybomb is too flat) but was curious what bags/backpacks you've found to work for you. I'm in an endless search for a bag that:

a. doesn't look like a camera bag
b. can actually carry (and reasonably protect) a camera, two lenses and other gear
c. can get items in and out of without having to unpack everything
d. still have room for a sweater/jacket, bottle of water, lunch, etc.

I have a messenger style bag that works when wandering around the city, but for a day hike I've yet to find a backpack that works.

I don't want to hijack the thread; was going to PM PiterM, but thought others would have inputs as well.