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02-11-2014, 15:02
$43,000 would just be a drop in the bucket to have this old CAR::D


Then I'd get greased with the $200 ATF tax on the short barrel, another $200 for the Sound reducer, and another for the full-auto capability. This is the export version of the XM177E2 or otherwise known originally as the Colt Model 629 used in Vietnam.

Well I can only dream of it.

02-11-2014, 16:01
You could probably build a nice replica of that weapon for a lot less than 40K.

02-11-2014, 16:43
Sorry; I just can't get excited about a "nostalgia" piece. I personally believe a modern M-4 is a better weapon. If you have to have auto building one on a registered lower would still be significantly cheaper.

02-11-2014, 16:45
...never mind, he updated the listing or I was not reading. It is still two stamps though.

You could get any other m16 or configuration and set it up that way for a cheap deal of $10k-25K and a stamp depending on what you get. :(

Or just become a SOT. :D

Another question for those that use to carry one, did the originals have a serial number on the sound moderator like that? Wondering if it was added at a later date to meet some ATF reg. or if it is original.

Ambush Master
02-11-2014, 17:13
I carried several XM-177E2s and I never noticed any S/Ns. Although "most of our gear" was sterile anyway!!

There would not be an add-on Tax Stamp for a Machinegun that is also an SBR!! The "Can" though, is an add-on!!