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ODA 226
01-26-2014, 11:44
I will not offer any apology for outing this SF/Airborne FAKE. We members of the Special Forces Community take great offense towards those who claim membership in our brotherhood for personal gain or profit. We will spare no expense nor will we ever tire in our pursuit of those who dishonor our Regiment or our brothers that have paid the ultimate price in defense of our beloved country.

With no further adieu, let me introduce yet another POS Special Forces Fraud, Poser and newest inductee of the Professional Soldiers Hall of Shame: Beauford L. Farley Jr. AKA B.L. Farley AKA "jumper66", AKA "jjw" of Akron, Ohio!

This POS not only has the nerve to claim that he was a fully qualified member of the Special Forces Regiment but that he was a SERE Instructor under Col. Nick Rowe! He also claims to have been a commissioned officer, assigned to the 5th Special Forces Recondo School as a "Comms Officer" and Combat Wounded during his second tour in Vietnam.



Quite frankly Mr. Farley, I know that you're full of shit. I have your military records. You were Active Duty from 28 Feb 66 to 14 Feb 68 and a Reservist from 15 Feb 68 to 27 Feb 72. In Vietnam you were assigned to the 587th and the 595th Signal Companies as a "Comm Center Specialist" MOS 72B.

NO AIRBORNE SCHOOL (Jumper66) NO SPECIAL FORCES ASSIGNMENTS, NO SFQC, NO SERE TRAINING, (If you've never been to SERE School, how could you have been a SERE instructor under Nick Rowe?) NO SECOND TOUR IN VIETNAM, NO 5th GROUP RECONDO SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS, NO PURPLE HEART and lastly, NO OFFICER'S COMMISSION! You got out of the Reserves in 1972 as a Sergeant E-5. We won't even go near the claims of "El Salvador Advisor". We both know that too, is nothing but another fucking lie.

Beauford also claims that he runs a "Private Security Firm" contracted to the US Government and that he has been legally able to carry firearms in 15 different countries and that he was shot at in five and "hit" in three.

While Beauford DOES have a company, I couldn't verify that he has had a government contract anywhere outside the US because there is no listing for his company having a contract since 2005 and that was only to supply optics.

I can't call Beauford a liar about this claim, but looking at his recent history, I'm kinda doubting his word..and BTW Beauford, your website looks like it was designed by a five-year-old!

Outdoor Specialties
AKRON, OH 44320

Just because inquiring minds want to know, I'm attaching a copy of Beauford's military records here...not that there's anything exciting in there, it just shows how "Low-Speed" and "High-Drag" Beauford really was and still is.

Be warned! If you misrepresent your military background and claim to be a member of our brotherhood,like this bottom-feeder, Beauford L. Farley Jr., be prepared for REAL Special Forces to call you out in any forum you make these claims.

If you are stupid enough to claim Special Forces and get called out by a REAL SF Soldier, don't be DOUBLEY STUPID and try to call HIM an SF Poser! You're mugshot and all your BS Lies along with your DD 214 and 2-1 will be posted here in the PS.com "Hall of Shame"...just like Beauford L. Farley Jr.

01-26-2014, 12:20
Just another Fake trying to make a buck on others accomplishments.

What a POS.........