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The Reaper
01-19-2014, 20:09
One new noteworthy release from SHOT.

The Reeves have created two new versions of the PS.com knife with new blade shapes.

I guess now you have three shapes to meet your needs.

Contact Chris Reeve Knives for pricing and further questions.



x SF med
01-20-2014, 11:57
It might just be me, but I see no need for the wharncliffe and tanto blades - not that they aren't cooler than hell, but the original blade shape works for everything but superfine chip carving that I've used it for.

I love mine... and it's the real original serialized PS knife, it's served me very well.

(I may have to set aside another damn change jar for these two though... after I save enough to get my Les George folder... and an American Kami, and....)

01-20-2014, 13:33
Very, very, very nice!

Are these ones numbered?


x SF med
01-20-2014, 14:43
Very, very, very nice!

Are these ones numbered?


Nope, they are available from the CRK site for general purchase.

03-24-2015, 00:25
Hello, I found this forum by following a link to this knife. It is an interesting design.

I was wondering if someone knows why the sheath for this knife has the extended piece about half way over the handle? All the reviews of this knife I have seen mention the sheath but no one says why it is this design.

I thought it might be to help protect the handle from catching on something and from the knife popping out.