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01-09-2014, 17:35
Hey Guys,

I'm doing my first of many final inspections of my uniform and it occurred to me that I don't have a Unit Award on my ASU's. And after checking with the Center of Military History verify exactly what the unit has listed on their official Lineage and Honors page I found nothing. Does anyone know of a better place to look and or, does the 3/20th have any Unit Awards?

Thanks in advance:lifter

01-10-2014, 05:21
As the 20th SFG has not had a combat assignment, there probably are none.

But, if you were assigned to a unit in combat you can ware the unit awards awarded during your tour.


03-10-2014, 12:56
Operational Detachment A 2313, Company A, 3d Special Forces Battalion, 20th Special
Forces Group, 1st Special Forces Regiment ,

Has a VUA, Order #067-03

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03-10-2014, 17:58
Congratulations to all involved..