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12-28-2013, 18:18
Hiya folks, as your friendly neighborhood health advocate, I just want to share resources available on post to keep yourself honest on health progress.

Army Wellness Center
910 570 3144 Gavin Hall (by Ritz Epps gym)
910 643 2101 Jackson st (behind Callahan gym)

You can have body composition via bodpod (better than BMI!), VO2 max, basic metabolic rate, etc. Basically the kind of service that you would pay over $2000 in civilian. It's available whether your AD, NG, reserve, retiree, family member as long as you're assigned to Bragg. I believe other posts have this resources too.

I believe that nothing wrong to train like the best. While you may not beat the best, you will beat your best. This way you can gear your training ie. target HR, rest lenght, intensity, diet, etc. to your body and not some average or arbitrary number. After few weeks of EDT/swim/sprints, my result improves, which also show in APFT score, navy PST, UBRR etc. You can take the assessment every three months and it should keep you honest of your progress or downfall

21% (20.1 - 30% indicates an excess accumulation of fat over time. This was eye-opening :(. Now I know "fat" can come in all shapes and sizes. If you see me, you'd think I got 14% and below)

Aerobic fitness: Direct Gas VO2
44.3 ml/kg.min
Rated fair-good

Muscular fitness: Grip Strength
97.2 kg
Rated fair

Muscular fitness: Back strength
340 lbs
Rated fair-good

Flexibility: Sit and reach
24.8 inches
Rated excellent

Resting Heart Rate
46 bpm
Rated excellent

So what's yours? Let's see those studly number:munchin

12-28-2013, 18:28
That's pretty cool... I'll check that out this summer

01-06-2014, 06:37
The people on Jackson are very friendly and helpful as well. It is also open to dependents, and IIRC retired personnel...

The wait times for their services are very short. You can probably get an appointment for most anything in a week. This leads me to believe that it's under utilized....another incentive to spread the word....It doesn't need to get cut from the budget.

Bod Pods can be scheduled monthly for tracking.

My Base Metobalic Rate (if I were to be comatose for a 24 hr period)

2009 Cal

FF, I find that number hard to believe for you...