View Full Version : Southern CA SFRE prep

12-19-2013, 16:27
Is anyone in the Southern California area interested in training for the upcoming March SFRE? I do a pretty good job of getting out there and rucking and swimming and all that jazz myself, but a little additional motivation and/or camaraderie never hurt anyone. Please let me know if you're in. Thanks for your time.

12-19-2013, 17:53
What part of SoCal?

12-19-2013, 22:06
Sir(going by avatar, please refrain from gutting me if wrong title of address),

I work on JFTB Los Alamitos, but have no qualms with travelling an hour or two.

12-22-2013, 21:04
Don't worry, the avatar is correct. Head crossed over to the dark side and is a fairly recent 2LT.

01-02-2014, 15:40
Well, then...congratulations to him on the pay raise and the new experiences he'll have. :)

01-23-2014, 18:46

I'm returning to Southern California on Feb 8th. If you're able to make it up to the mountains for some High Altitude training there are great ruck routes up here in Big Bear. Beautiful views make the suck not suck so bad.

Saturday mornings work well. PM me if you are able to make it any weekend.