View Full Version : G.Tichbourne "Moose Hunter" with Krein regrind

10-27-2013, 18:18
One of my favorite knife, got it as a gift from a Canadian friend years ago... than Tom Krein made it "scandi grind" and now it cuts like laser :D

BTW, the little bullpup carbine is just an airgun, but boy, it's one hell of an airgun! Great accuracy, full power, PCP of course, and all that under 22 inches! Even my daughter can shoot it... and she really enjoys it, yeah! :D

Bill Harsey
10-30-2013, 10:49
Nice traditional blade pattern. Tom Krein does good work.

My air gun when little didn't look like that.

x SF med
10-30-2013, 14:43
Beautiful lines on that knife, everything flows together nicely... and it looks like it's made for hard use and easy sharpening.